How Trucklogics TMS Can Help Gravel Haulers

Gravel haulers can simplify their business with TruckLogics TMS

For gravel haulers, having a good trucking management software is non-negotiable.

You need to be able to track dispatches, load weights, weight tickets, BOLs, and much more. Thankfully TruckLogics TMS can simplify all aspects of running a gravel hauling business. 

Everything you need to manage your gravel hauling business is available in TruckLogics.

The Best TMS for Gravel Haulers


When a load order comes in, you can create a dispatch for it in less than a minute. Simply add the consignee information, enter the freight details, and add the freight charges. You can also easily add the load weight information here.

Then you can find the best route for the gravel hauling dispatch in just a few clicks. 


At drop-off, your driver and consignees can e-sign the BOL using the TruckLogics mobile app. Your driver can also upload an image of the weight ticket directly to the dispatch from the app. 

Once the dispatch is completed, TruckLogics will generate an invoice for you with the click of a button. Your driver’s licenses and registration can also be uploaded. TruckLogics will even send you a reminder if their license is about to expire.

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