5 Great Features That Make IFTA Reporting Easy!

Whether you’re looking to report IFTA as one part of your TMS or simply seeking a simple IFTA-only option, TruckLogics makes it quick and easy. With features like those detailed below, you can rest assured that the reporting process will be painless and that your report will be accurate!

Data Import

Let’s face it–not many people say their favorite part of the IFTA reporting process is the “reporting” part itself. With TruckLogics offering the option to import data through Excel or Motive, users are able to take advantage of a huge time-saver that makes the reporting process much simpler.

In other words, being able to import an Excel file (as one example) directly into the IFTA report cuts out the tedious data entry that makes the process seem intimidating and keeps you away from more important parts of your business.

And if you’re using Motive? You can import mileage and distance information directly from your account into TruckLogics. Our system will then calculate and generate an IFTA report or worksheet for filing with your base jurisdiction.

Internal Audit Check

Pencils have erasers for a reason–and while IFTA reporting may not require any lead, the principle still applies: mistakes happen, and being able to find and correct them before transmitting your report makes a world of difference in keeping the process painless. TruckLogics will:

  • Automatically audit your data to ensure the accuracy of your IFTA reports.
  • Perform state adjacency checks to ensure you are only reporting mileage for adjacent states.
  • Make sure you are adding fuel purchases only for the states you traveled in.

With features like these, users can rest assured they’re on the right track during the entire process–and rest easy once they’re done with it.

Accurate Tax Calculations

Is the thought of keeping up with ever-changing tax rates in all the jurisdictions you’ve traveled in recently keeping you up at night? No more! Our system will create accurate tax calculations AND automatic tax rate updates for all jurisdictions, every quarter.

Simply enter your distance and data, and let TruckLogics do the rest with:

  • Automatic Tax Rate Updates
    • Our system is updated with tax rates for all jurisdictions every quarter. 
  • IFTA Tax Calculations
    • Based on your data, TruckLogics will calculate your IFTA taxes for the respective quarter.
    • TruckLogics provides conversion options from Miles to Kilometers and Gallons to Liters.
    • The system calculates the tax or credit due (and penalties, if any) automatically!

Record Keeping

Having access to your records is important for a number of reasons, and we know this. As a result, records of the reports you file with TruckLogics stay in the system for up to 4 years. What’s more, thanks to the TruckLogics website and app, you always have access to your records–anytime, anywhere.

Get Accurate State-Specific Reports–Or Regenerate Another!

TruckLogics allows you to generate your IFTA report in state-specific formats, and these can also be downloaded, printed, and filed locally with your jurisdiction if they allow paper filing. If e-filing is the only option, file confidently with a provided e-filling worksheet that you can use to complete your report with the jurisdiction’s e-filing system.

And if you make a mistake–don’t sweat it! You can update the information and regenerate the IFTA report free of any extra cost.

Let TruckLogics Make IFTA Reporting (and More) Easy!

Now you know–TruckLogics, the #1 Trucking Management Software, offers a hassle-free solution for you to generate your IFTA report accurately. But did you know it can do so much more?

As a TMS, TruckLogics can help you with every aspect of your trucking business! 

  • Manage loads and dispatches
  • Track and manage trucking maintenance
  • Data Integrations that simplify your workflow 
    • EFS Fuel Card users can import their fuel card transactions easily into TruckLogics
    • Trucklogics also has integrations with Industry leaders such as Motive ELDs, ProMiles, DAT, QuickBooks Online, and ExpressTruckTax

Whether you’re looking for simple IFTA reporting or are interested in seeing the myriad of other ways that TruckLogics can simplify and optimize your business, get started today!

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