Simplify Dispatching For Your Trucking Business

Dispatchers are often described as the backbone of the trucking industry because they take on quite a few frustrating tasks from making sure drivers pick up their cargo on time, stick to their routes, and make their deliveries on time. We all know that traffic jams, construction, driver emergencies and more can randomly strike to cause a dispatcher emergency!

That’s why TruckLogics, the market-leading trucking management program is here to help by making dispatching easier, for both the dispatcher and drivers. Check out how their innovative features simplify dispatching.

How TruckLogics Simplifies Dispatching

You can instantly create a dispatch online with TruckLogics that contains all of the details you need for your records and all of the information that your drivers need. For example, you can include the shipper and consignee details.

Plus, you can include custom pick-up and drop off locations, as well as any special instructions for the driver. Also, you can include contact information for the pickup and drop-off location in case your driver needs to contact the location with any questions that they may have.

You can also assign drivers and equipment to your dispatches online. This way you will be able to make sure the right truck will be used for the right load, and keeping up with the maintenance schedule will be a breeze. TruckLogics dispatching also gives you the ability to assign up to two drivers per dispatch for team driving.

While creating your dispatch you can also find accurate address-to-address routes for trucks by utilizing Google Maps. You will be able to accurately estimate how long the trip will take based on the route.

ProMiles can also be used to get major savings on fuel by showing you the cheapest fuel prices along your trip. The miles from ProMiles will also automatically update your trip sheets and will be saved for your quarterly IFTA report.

Another way TruckLogics makes dispatching simple is by making check calls easy! Forget about receiving a million phone calls a day, because with the TruckLogics app drivers can instantly send out check calls.

Notifying clients of progress and location is as easy as sending a text, so drivers can make their update and get on the road. Also, with the TruckLogics app, you can quickly capture and send your BOL and proof of delivery to make your daily check-in fast and easy.

Also, with TruckLogics you don’t have to worry about calculating any load charges or fees yourself because everything is calculated in your dispatch for you. Hauling fees, fuel surcharges, accessorial fees, and more will all be automatically factored in. You can also send professional invoices to your clients in just a few clicks.

You can access and edit your dispatches online at any time. Simply log in to your account and click the dispatch tab to see your unassigned dispatches, assigned dispatches, active dispatches, delivered dispatches, and canceled dispatches. This way you will always be on top of your records.

Try TruckLogics Now

Why wait? Instantly see how TruckLogics can simplify dispatching and more by signing up for your free 15-day TruckLogics trial! You will be able to instantly create dispatches, send invoices, make driver settlements, and more. You may even wonder how you ever managed your trucking business without it.

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