How-To Tuesday: Running Profit and Loss Reports in One Click [Updated]

Learn how to run profit and loss reports with TruckLogics.

TruckLogics offers plenty of terrific features to help the operations of any trucking business run smoothly. One of these amazing features is the ability to view a detailed breakdown of profits and losses at any given time. In the steps below you will learn how to show your Rate Per Mile, Pay Per Mile, and Cost Per Mile in a profit and loss statement report for your trucking company using your TruckLogics account.

1. From anywhere in your TruckLogics account select the Reports tab.

2. Choose the Profit and Loss Report.

3. You are able to customize the report by period, year, unit number, and quarter. Once you have these selected, click Generate Report.

4. You can switch the accounting type from Accrual to Cash and the Cost Per Mile (CPM) from Cents to Dollars. This report is printable and can be used for your records.

By following these steps in TruckLogics you are able to successfully generate a profit and loss report with your desired specifications. These are printable reports that you can keep for your records to help the operations of your trucking business. This process will save you time and help you keep organized. What are you waiting for? Start utilizing this amazing feature in your TruckLogics account today!

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