How-to Tuesday: Invoice Factoring With TruckLogics

Learn how to factor invoices in TruckLogics TMS

With TruckLogics, you can simplify your entire trucking invoice factoring process. The entire invoicing process takes just a few minutes and will help you get cash faster.

In order to factor an invoice in TruckLogics, you will first need to create a load. Learn how to create a load here.

How to generate a factored invoice

1. From your dashboard navigate to the Loads tab.

2. Select the load you want to invoice.

3. Navigate to the Invoice tab of the load.

4. Scroll down and select “Yes” on the Factoring Details section. Choose your factoring service from the drop-down or click “+Add” to add your own. Enter the invoice Factoring Rate as a percentage or dollar amount. Scroll down and click “Generate”.

5. Now your invoice can be emailed, faxes, or printed and will show the factoring details. 

How to receive a quick payment on a factored invoice

1. From your dashboard, select “Receive Payment” from the Accounts drop-down menu.

2. Select Factoring Company and click “Look Up”.

3. Choose your factoring company.

4. Enter the payment date, payment amount (whether full or partial), and then click “Save”.

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