How-To Tuesday: Deleting a User from TruckLogics

Learn how to delete a user in TruckLogics!

TruckLogics offers plenty of great features to help make the operations of any trucking business easier. One of these awesome features is the ability to delete users from a TruckLogics account. This is helpful when a user leaves the company or you need to change the user’s role. Learn how to delete a user in TruckLogics in a few simple steps.

1. From anywhere in TruckLogics click on settings.

2. Click on “Users”.

3. Select the user you are trying to delete and then click on the block button at the bottom.

4. The block button will turn into a trash can which you can then click to delete the user. 

Deleting a user in TruckLogics allows you to remove a user either if they leave the company or if they are needed to be changed to a different role. If their role needs to be changed, you will have to delete them and then add them back in under their new role. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a 15-day free trial and get started with TruckLogics today to start streamlining your trucking business operations.

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