Business Management Tips & Tricks for Owner-Operators

Joining the ranks of owner-operators in the trucking industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Your limits will be tested daily and once you learn how to survive, a prosperous future quickly follows. If you don’t have a solid business management plan, then the learning to survive part will be almost impossible to accomplish. TruckLogics is the complete business management program that will handle the organization, tracking, and planning of your business – all you’ll have to focus on is where to go next.


Like your truck, your business has a lot of moving parts that keep it going. Keeping everything organized and accessible is what will save you from becoming a stress fueled ball of fury. TruckLogics keeps all your dispatches, invoices, expenses, payments, customers, equipment, documents, maintenance schedules, renewal deadlines, and everything organized and accessible from any location.

One aspect of your business that can turn into a big mess real quick is your documents. TruckLogics has a document library where all your documents can stay organized and be quickly sent to customers or added to dispatches.


Who doesn’t want to know where their money is going, or the status of a dispatch/invoice? All the moving parts of your business need to be meticulously tracked so you always know what is going on. TruckLogics will track all your financial information so you can see where your business stands at any moment. Your miles are also automatically tracked from dispatch to dispatch, making IFTA filing a breeze. TruckLogics even has a wide-range of report features that allow you to quickly view reports including: Profit & Loss, Customer Revenue, Fuel Tax Summary, Unit License Expiry, Trip, Fuel, and so much more.

The TruckLogics mobile app makes recording and tracking your expenses a dream while on the road. For thorough documentation, you can capture your receipts and the image will automatically save with the associated dispatch. The mobile app also displays your dispatch information, special instructions, routing, and check call updates.


You want to know what is coming up so you don’t get caught off guard, and more importantly, so you don’t go unpaid. Your load history is going to tell you a lot about how to plan your loads for the future. With TruckLogics, you can view your past loads and income to pinpoint your most profitable routes. This information will also help you determine how much revenue per mile you will need to turn a profit for the rest of the year.

But planning doesn’t just stop at your loads. Maintenance schedules are one of those things that have to be planned out so you can keep your maintenance expenses under control. Generating a Profit & Loss Report, under the accrual basis of accounting, is going to show when income will be coming in so you can plan your larger maintenance expenses, know when to schedule longer hauls, and stay up-to-date on your cost/profit/revenue per mile. Planning out a month in advance or more seems tedious, but with TruckLogics, it’s simple.

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