TruckLogics Was Made For Owner-Operators

Do you love that feeling of the wind blowing through a rolled-down window, the sun shining on your left arm and the pavement glistening as you drive over it with more than 500 horsepower at your feet? I’ll tell you there is nothing like it. It’s freedom. You don’t have to lose that feeling when it comes to your business management. TruckLogics was tailor-made for owner-operators who call America’s roads home. Relax for a minute and let me show you how TruckLogics will unchain you from multiple management programs and give you the freedom to run your business anywhere the road takes you…

Just like Iowa80 and Quick Trips have everything you could ever need (and then some) in one place, TruckLogics combines every feature you need to efficiently manage your business from any location.

Imagine this:
You’ve pulled into your favorite truck stop after driving what seems like forever and day. Before you relax and grab a little grub you want to update your logbook, check the weather report, inspect your truck and see if there are any business tasks to handle. Usually, you would pull out your logbook and handwrite in your miles then get on your phone or tablet to take a look at the weather and finally pull out a laptop to enter in daily expenses and make a few calls to see if that one invoice was taken care of. Most of the time you just write down a few notes and store your receipts away until you get home and catch up on all your business work then, running the risk of misplacing important information. It just all seems exhausting and I can feel your stress increasing just by reading this scenario.

There is a more efficient and less stress-inducing way. This scenario could be your life with TruckLogics:
The sun is starting to go down; a few grey clouds are coming up from the south. You can smell the rain as you drive down the interstate getting closer to a truck stop. You pull into to the same place every time you’re on this haul; they have the best showers and the most amazing grilled bbq chicken. Before you start to relax you pull out your smartphone (or a tablet, smartphones sometimes just don’t understand that they are supposed to work when we need them to) and open your TruckLogics App and enter in your mileage, your daily expenses, check that invoice that hadn’t gone through yet, and update your dispatch information. Then your done within a few minutes and can relax, check the weather and get a hot meal. One program,  any mobile device (or computer), and you can have all your business updates taken care of in a few minutes.

TruckLogics incorporates every tool you need to manage your business all in a no-fuss package. The owner-operators of our beloved trucking nation deserve the best technology available at the most affordable price. Experience TruckLogics and contact our amazing support team located in Rock Hill, SC at 704-234-6946 with any questions. Stay safe out there.

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