Keep an Eye on Your Bottom Line with TruckLogics’ Easy Reporting Feature

The transportation nation can be all about those reports, leaving no time for anything else! But here at TruckLogics, we want to free you from the mounds of paperwork and introduce you to our paperless solution.

TruckLogics’ web-based program has everything you need to manage your fleet or your vehicle. From Profit & Loss Reports to Unit Reports, and even IFTA reports– it’s all in one place with just a few clicks of a mouse!

Profit & Loss Reports

The star of TruckLogics’ Reporting Feature is the Profit & Loss Report. Now, that may sound like a lot of work, but with TruckLogics we guarantee that the whole process is painless and paperless. That’s because TruckLogics automatically pulls the data from your Trip Sheets and Chart of Accounts, giving you the numbers you need to do business smarter, but without the extra work.

You can run a P&L Report for any date range to see where your bottom line stands, and you can even look at reports for a specific set of trucks or a single-vehicle.

The whole reporting process can be done in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a time period.

Step 2: Choose a year.

Step 3:
Choose vehicles.

Step 4: Specify what quarter, month, week, or date range to include in the report.

Step 5: Click Generate Report, and like magic, a report is born!

This report gives you a breakdown of miles, income, expenses, and revenue for whatever time frame you choose without all the hassle of creating it from scratch. We designed this feature to be as fast and efficient as possible because we understand that in the transportation industry, time is money! And this reporting feature definitely saves you a lot of time, and therefore money!

But wait, there are even more reports!

With TruckLogics you can also run a customer report that gives you top customers in terms of revenue and several different unit reports.

TruckLogic’s unit reports can give you…

  • Detailed truck reports:
    This report shows you a detailed report of miles run, truck expenses, fuel purchased, miles per gallon, and rate per mile for a certain time period for each truck in your fleet.

  • Unit license expiration dates:
    This report lists all truck and trailer license expiration dates.
  • Detailed trailer reports:
    This report lists license and insurance expenses done for each trailer.
  • Unit insurance expiration dates:
    And finally, this report lists all the truck and trailer insurance expiration dates

Never forget another expiration date! Once you’ve added it, TruckLogics remembers and will remind you with quick email reminders, if you so choose.

IFTA Reporting

To save you even more time and headaches, TruckLogics also offers several IFTA reports. Generate fuel tax summaries, fuel purchase reports, equipment list reports, and trip reports all from the same program.

You can even generate a complete state-specific quarterly IFTA return to mail to your base jurisdiction. That’s definitely a time-saver, especially with the 1st Quarter IFTA deadline yesterday! If you didn’t have a chance to file, TruckLogics is the fastest way to get your return done asap. And the sooner you file, the lower the penalties.

Want to experience TruckLogics’ Reporting Feature first hand? Sign up for a 15 day free trial at, or call one of our fantastic Support Crew members at 704.234.6946 for a free demo to see all that TruckLogics can do for your business!

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