Trucking Nation Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Trucking Nation! The TruckLogics Crew is thankful for many things in this world, but we are most thankful for our Trucking Nation. Through the holidays and bad weather, you never stop driving. You keep our nation moving forward and for everything you do, all of us here at TruckLogics truly appreciate you.

No matter where you are, we are glad you could join us as we give thanks to every trucker in our Trucking Nation…

I am thankful for all the ingredients truckers deliver to the grocery store for my mom to make her Thanksgiving dressing. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it and only truckers make it happen – Bryan

I am thankful that truckers bring us the food to put on our tables at Thanksgiving. Without truckers, we wouldn’t be gathering around the table with our families – Kelsey

I’m thankful that truckers deliver my favorite Limited Edition White Fudge Oreo cookies to participating stores every holiday season – Demetri

Because of the hard work of truckers, I can avoid the craziness of Black Friday and buy online. My sanity is saved because of you Trucking Nation – William

I’m thankful for our truck drivers that work long hours around the clock so that store shelves are always stocked. We never worry or think about that, but there is a lot of work behind that box on the shelf getting there – Elena

I’m thankful that I have everything I need, and grateful for all the sacrifices the truckers and their families made for me to have it – Kay

I am thankful for the time that truckers spend delivering goods throughout the year and during the holidays to keep our country moving forward – Dave

This Thanksgiving season I am thankful for the person who has the courage to get inside a truck and deliver to countless destinations all over the country. We couldn’t keep our economy moving without you – Brittnay

I’m thankful for truckers. Y’all work hard so that life might be a little easier for the rest of us. Thank you. Stay safe and know you are appreciated every day – Misty

Just because you might be on the road this Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean you can’t take a break and let some lovely people cook you a great meal. Get you some turkey, gravy, and all the fixin’s from Meals for 18 Wheels.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be possible without you, Trucking Nation.
After your Thanksgiving feast, test drive Trucklogics! It won’t burn off the calories, but who’s worried about that on Turkey Day anyway?
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