How Trucklogics Saves Leased Operators Time And Money Every Day

Save time and money with TruckLogics TMS for leased operators

At TruckLogics, we understand that as a leased operator it can be hard to keep track of things. Trucking Management Software is a great way to stay organized and make your job less stressful, but many are more expensive and more complex than you need.

That’s why we offer a TMS just for leased operators! TruckLogics for leased operators comes with all of the features you need and none of the ones you don’t, at a price you can afford!

For less than eight bucks a month, the leased package will help you:

  • Keep accurate and organized compliance records
  • Track all your equipment maintenance
  • Manage your income and expense accounts
  • Create and view monthly or annual profit/loss reports
  • Add and keep settlements on record by uploading them
  • View and keep track of fuel expenses

And if you’re considering getting your own truck or authority, this package is a great way to transition into more professional, thorough recordkeeping. You can even switch to the owner-operator package later if you need to.

Let’s take a closer look at everything the leased operator package has to offer, and see for yourself just how much simpler it can make your day-to-day operations.

Features for Leased Operators

The Dashboard:

Upon first logging in, you’ll see a Dashboard, the core of your TruckLogics account. It provides:

  • A structured overview of your business
  • A Revenue graph with your income/expense/profit details from the past three months
  • Any Past Due Maintenance
  • All Upcoming Maintenance 


The Settlements tab helps you keep track of your income, as well as any hauling charges, fuel surcharges, accessorial fees, reimbursements, and deductions based on your pay frequency and settle either weekly or for any custom period. You can also record income outside of your trip, like orientation, training, deductions and retained earnings. Trip documents can also be uploaded here, including equipment information, photos of receipts, and more.

Fuel Ups:

The fuel up tool is where you can input all of your fuel expenses. The fuel expenses will show the date of purchase, state of purchase, total gallons of fuel, and the cost for each transaction. You can even take a snapshot of the receipt and upload it to be saved with the transaction details.

Maintenance Reminders:

Get automatic reminders when trucks and trailers need maintenance. It’s as simple as scheduling all upcoming maintenance and selecting the tasks from our preloaded list. Once you save a maintenance task, TruckLogics takes care of the rest and automatically reminds you each time the task is needed in the future.


Possibly the most useful of all of the tools, the Reports tool lets you run profit/loss reports so you know where your business stands at all times. These organized financial reports are also helpful for end-of-year taxes and can be emailed to your tax preparer at the end of the year.

Here’s Leased Owner-Operator Mike Stockdale explaining how TruckLogics helps him!

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To get a free 15-day trial of TruckLogics today, simply visit our website and select “Free Trial” in the top right of the page, or sign-up using our app in the Google Play or Apple Store.

We also offer free demos to show you how to get the most out of your TruckLogics subscription. To schedule your free demo, call TruckLogics at 704.234.6946 or visit the TruckLogics site and select “Request for Demo”.

If you have any questions or feedback, call the Support Crew at 704.234.6946, or email them at [email protected]. Stop wasting your time and money trying to keep track of your business, and give TruckLogics’ Leased Operator Package a try today!

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