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Leased drivers have very unique business management needs and TruckLogics has the solution with our Leased Driver Package. With Halloween coming up, we thought about filling up this blog with ghostly puns and ghoulish phrases, but we have a bit more respect for what y’all do and that deserves a certain level of seriousness. But don’t worry, we have one howling good time planned for Friday’s IFTA blog that will scare you right into the 4th Quarter.

When you are leased there are certain trucking business procedures you don’t have to fuss with like creating dispatches and sending invoices. What you do need to be concerned about is your expenses, maintenance schedules, settlements, and Profit & Loss reports to see where everything is going. TruckLogics does all that and you can enter expenses via our mobile app when on the road.


They come in every shape, infinite dollar amounts, and they are a necessary evil in business. A bit of a dramatic explanation of expenses, but it’s the truth. For your expenses to stay under control, you need to keep track of them. With TruckLogics, you can enter your expenses and the program will categorize and track each one – making your life easy at tax time. The TruckLogics mobile app is perfect for entering your expenses on the road with a receipt capture feature for thorough documentation. When you are ready to view your expenses for a specified date range, all you will need to do is log into your TruckLogics account.

Maintenance Scheduling/Tracking

Every trucker needs to keep up with maintenance, but the way it’s done makes all the difference. If you want stress-free maintenance tracking, TruckLogics is the solution. You can schedule your maintenance in advance so you always know what needs to be done based on miles driven or a time range.


Expenses need to be deducted from somewhere, and for most of us, it’s our settlements. It’s good business to know where your money is going. In your TruckLogics account, you can enter your settlements and the program will do all the calculations for you and organize the information in a nice, neat Profit & Loss report. You will always have a record of your settlements saved in your account and you can compare what you entered in TruckLogics to what your company is actually paying you. It’s a great way to make sure you’re not missing any detention pay or other accessorials.

Profit & Loss Reports

Profit & Loss reports tell you a lot about your financial status. The most basic information you will receive from it is what percentage of your settlements is going to expenses. From there, you can pinpoint unnecessary expenses, plan a budget for the next month, and track your bottom line to make sure you are staying profitable.

TruckLogics Mobile App

We’ve mentioned it a few times above, but let’s really discuss it. The TruckLogics mobile app for leased drivers is the perfect solution for recording and documenting your expenses while on the road. The shoebox method for storing receipts is very inefficient and you can’t just open up the box and have a P&L report sitting on top with a clear view of your finances. You’re a professional and deserve a professional program that is designed for truckers. TruckLogics will up your professionalism and keep you business savvy no matter where the road takes you.

The future isn’t always certain, but with TruckLogics you will always know your financial status so you never stop moving forward.

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TruckLogics has everything you will ever need to manage your business including unmatched customer support. The TruckLogics Support Crew is prepped and ready for any question you have. Contact us at our Rock Hill, SC headquarters via phone: 704-234-6946 or email: [email protected].

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