TruckLogics 2016 | The Future of Trucking Management

Trucking Nation, it’s time for a revolution. You deserve more than time-draining spreadsheets, costly dispatchers, and programs with no customer support to keep your business moving forward. Your time is too important to be wasted on fluff technology that falls short when you need it most. The future of trucking technology is here and it’s called TruckLogics.

Your Business is Our Business

TruckLogics isn’t your run-of-the-mill management solution full of false promises and pretty pictures. The trucking industry has no place for a mess like that. TruckLogics is a ride-or-die technology that can do everything you need to keep on truckin’. In a few steps you can generate a load, dispatch a driver, and send an invoice to your client all with a professional flair like no other program on the market.

For the Stuff You Don’t Want To Do, TruckLogics Has You Covered

Who enjoys filing Quarterly IFTA returns? We can wait for that answer, but the crickets are getting a bit loud. IFTA filing is a hassle and when you put it off until the last minute, it quickly becomes your worst nightmare. TruckLogics keeps up with all your mileage from each dispatch so when that IFTA deadline comes around, you only need to click a button and your IFTA return appears right in front of your eyes. If your base jurisdiction requires e-filing of your IFTA report, we’ve got you covered there too. All you will do is generate an IFTA fuel tax summary report and every bit of information you need to enter is right there – organized and ready to go.

Analyze and Make More Money

To keep those wheels turnin’ you have to keep that money rolling in. Your business doesn’t run on hopes and dreams, though sometimes it feels that way. Analyzing your finances is one way to keep your expenses in check and pinpoint where you can cut back and keep more money in your pocket. TruckLogics has a detailed Profit & Loss report that will show your mileage, expenses, income, and revenue for any date range or truck. We even break down the numbers to provide your cost per mile, revenue per mile, and profit per mile. P&L reports aren’t all we have, our reports feature is revved up with more information than you will know what to do with. You will be able to see which customers make up the bulk of your revenue, driver payment reports, equipment list reports, and more that we can talk about all day but time is of the essence.
Experience the Revolution. Test Drive TruckLogics today!

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