TruckLogics Maintenance Tracker: Schedule Tasks, Receive Reminders & Record Expenses

Let’s talk about Maintenance. It’s a dirty job, but everyone’s gotta do it!

From batteries to belts, to rotations and wiper blades, every square inch of your truck and trailer have something to be tweaked, tightened, or changed regularly!

And if you’ve got more than one truck, multiply all of that, and you’ve got a perfect storm of overwhelming details swirling around in your noggin. Quite the recipe for confusion and nasty non-compliance!

With so many details to remember, it’s absolutely vital to remain organized. Missing a single light check can lead to tickets, and even put your business in jeopardy. (You might say, it really puts a wrench into things.) When so much is at stake, you can’t risk relying on post-it notes–or worse–relying on nothing but the memory-capacity of the human brain!

If only there were one place to manage all maintenance tasks, and even better, a place to manage all aspects of your business! Oh right, there is–and we made it!

The TruckLogics Maintenance Tracker was designed to make maintenance maintainable. Whether you’re an owner-operator with one truck & trailer, or a fleet manager with dozens of trucks and trailers to maintain, you can keep track of it all with ease.

Have a gander at the pretty pictures. I’ll show you how to schedule maintenance, receive reminders, and check the status of maintenance tasks, all with a few clicks. Plus you can record expenses and vendor info all at the same time! Now that’s organization, baby.

Dashboard Reminders

From the Dashboard, you can conveniently view all upcoming maintenance tasks. To schedule a new task, click on the +Add New button on the top right, and then select the Maintenance icon. You can also navigate to the Maintenance feature by clicking “Truck Zone” along the top menu.

Once you’re within the Maintenance Tracker, you can sort through tasks by four categories: Scheduled, Complete, Upcoming, and Past Due Maintenance. Simply select the category on the left-hand menu, and all relevant tasks for trucks and trailers will appear.

Scheduling New Maintenance Tasks

To schedule a new Maintenance Task, select +Add Maintenance button on the top right, then choose to add truck maintenance or trailer maintenance.

This will take you to a new screen to enter the maintenance details. You’ll first enter the Unit Details, which includes the truck or trailer information by simply selecting from your Truck Zone. For trucks, you’ll also enter the current odometer reading. This is important for receiving reminders, so be sure not to skip that step!

Next enter the maintenance Task Details. You can choose a task from our drop-down menu, but if you don’t see it there, you can always click +Add to schedule a new task. If you choose a task from our menu, simply check the box “recurring” if you’d like the receive regular reminders. You can also choose how frequently you’d like the task repeated, whether by date, length of time, or mileage.

If you’re adding a custom maintenance task, click +Add in the Task Details section. A pop-up window will magically appear, in which you’ll enter the task and the due criteria. Sounds fancy, but it’s super easy.

Choose whether you’d like reminders based on a certain length of time, a specific date, or at a certain mileage. OR, you can select the option “Both- whichever is lower” to receive a reminder when you hit 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever it happens to occur first.

Almost done, just a few more waves of your mouse! Now that you’ve given the truck/trailer info and selected the task and its frequency, it’s time for entering the Last Maintenance details, like the date, odometer reading, and cost incurred from the last time this service was performed. Again, this not only helps you keep precise records for compliance, but it also helps TruckLogics provide timely reminders!

Finally, enter the Vendor Details. Choose a preferred vendor from your Address Book, or click +Add to enter vendor details and save them for next time. Don’t forget to hit Save, and you’re finished! 

You can edit the task at any time by clicking the Pencil Icon or delete the task by clicking the trash can. The reminders for future tasks will appear on your Dashboard as the date or mileage marker approaches. You’ll never miss an oil change again!

Recording Completed Maintenance Tasks (& Expenses!)

Once you’ve completed the maintenance, record your victory by clicking the Complete Maintenance button. It’s the little wrench with a green checkmark.

You’ll be taken to a new screen where you can enter Payment and Cost Details. To enter payment details, select the Payer from your address book, the method of payment, and the Vendor. Don’t forget to update the odometer reading at the top of the page, if necessary.

Then enter the Cost information, which will automatically be recorded in your Chart of Accounts and Profit & Loss reports! Choose the cost type (Labor, Parts, Misc, or Other), then input a description of the part or service. Finally enter the cost.

To further itemize the bill, click Add Another Line at the bottom left of the page. This will allow you to record the itemized bill for future reference. Then enter any discounts or tax, and the total expense will be calculated for you. You can also upload a scan of the receipt by selecting Add at the very bottom of the screen.

Finally, save, and not only will the Maintenance information be updated, but the cost will be recorded in your Expenses. Just head over to your Chart of Accounts to review the details.
That’s the benefit of having all of your business info in one place. In TruckLogics, all of our features connect, working in tandem to eliminate typing and automatically updating information where it’s relevant–across the board. 
Why have a separate calendar for maintenance reminders AND an accounting program for entering expenses AND an address book stuffed in your glove box for vendor information? Streamline your business and your life by bringing it all together. Record-keeping is much more manageable when you can efficiently upload all of the information in one fell swoop. Especially when TruckLogics auto-fills most of the fields for you!
Start maintaining your maintenance today with TruckLogics! If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for a 15-day free trial! You’ll also get ProMiles free through the end of the year too. You can’t beat that deal!
And if you’ve got questions, the Support Crew has answers. Call them at 704.234.6946. They’re also available for 24/7 email assistance at [email protected]. Or set up a free live demo, for a VIP tour through the program. 

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