There and MATS Again: A TruckLogics Tale

Each year, our friends at ExpressTruckTax make the long, treacherous journey from our headquarters in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to Louisville, Kentucky. Why? For MATS of course! The Mid-America Trucking Show is the biggest trucking event in the US, and even the world, with over 80,000 attendees from countries spanning the globe!

With over a million square feet in exhibit space, hundreds of big rigs on display, and thousands of vendors from all sectors of the transportation industry, the TruckLogics Crew just HAD to get in on the action!

So we packed our bags, stuffed a minivan with supplies, and then stuffed ourselves in there too! And after driving 8 hours through the dark of night, we finally arrived at the Kentucky Expo Center on the dawn of Wednesday, March 25th, in the year 2015.

Getting There

We had hoped to beat the traffic, but even in the early hours of the morning, the Expo Center was already buzzing. (Translation: parking was impossible.)

With thousands of vendors needing to set up their booths like us, we had to fight our way to a parking spot, and then begin unloading what seemed to be an endless number of boxes. But still, we remained in high spirits.

Setting Up

We then spent the rest of Day 1 unpacking boxes of banners, floor tiles, and swag, and then setting up our spot- Booth 66121, which was to be our home for the next four days.

After hanging our banners, Agie (bottom right) laid the floor tiles and gave each a swift karate chop to lock them in place.

Notice the intense concentration as he hammers each tile into submission.

Life at Booth 66121

But luckily, by the end of Day 1, it had all come together, and our booth was ready for the flood gates to open!
But were we ready?

Ready or not, people came by the hundreds, and we greeted each with a smile!

Meeting potential new users and current users of our products is the best part of our job, so we were having an absolute blast, even if it meant standing for hours on end or eating lunch on the floor crouched behind our booth. Way to go, Bryan (top right)!

Mercer Cookout

Even in the midst of MATS Madness, we still found time to explore!

Our first night there, we went to a cookout with our friends at Mercer Transportation, who were raffling off a tablet to one lucky trucker (seen bottom left with Bryan).

And check out the incredible booth Mercer had! Mercertown not only featured a gorgeous silver semi, but a functioning diner too. So cool.

Fun & Games

MATS wouldn’t be complete without getting behind the wheel of some beastly 18-wheeler’s.

So whenever we had a spare second, we snuck away to snap selfies and “test drive” some of the top-of-the-line trucks on display.


This part is self-explanatory. We just couldn’t help ourselves!

Whether you’re a trucking enthusiast or not, you just can’t help but get excited over those chromed out marvels of engineering.

And More Trucks!

But there weren’t just semi’s on display. All manner of manufacturers had their goods on show- from trailers, to race cars, to engines, there was plenty to take in.

But as beautiful as she may be, she still can’t beat our little ole’ Mean Green. Does size really matter? Mean Green says no.

So after 4 days of chaotic fun, it was time to break down our booth and head back home to Rock Hill. As exhausting as MATS was, we can’t wait to go back again!

If you missed us at MATS this time, have no fear! The TruckLogics Support Crew will definitely be heading back to Louisville again next year. We’re already excited to see you there!

To learn more about the solutions we featured at MATS, head to

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