Trucking Nation Podcast 7. Vaping, Emergencies, & Something For The Ladies

Just noticed the title of this podcast is super random, and it rhymes. Got to love the little things in life;)

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Let’s Start The Show
How are you Trucking Nation? It has been a super cold week here in South Carolina, so I’m glad I have a warm studio to record in. I have an amazing show for you this week full of exciting stuff. I talk about smoking vs. vaping, what to do in three different types of emergency situations, then I close out with something special for all my Lady Truckers out there and a few deadline reminders. Seriously what is a Trucking Nation podcast without some deadline reminders?

So here is the rundown of the show with all the links and info.

Smoking vs. Vaping
This has been a very popular topic here in the Trucking Nation studio. One of our producers has been sporting a smoking commitment for a long time and wanted to try and change his habits. He heard about vaping and realized life is too short not to give it a shot. He did his research and talked to the experts at the store, started vaping, and never looked back. So we were having a conversation about differences he has noticed and how he has been able to step down to lower and lower nicotine levels. I could really tell a difference not only in the fact that he didn’t smell like cigarettes anymore, but his skin improved and so did his health.

Just think, no more cigarette butts to deal with, no more smell, and all the money you will save. When switching to vaping, there is the initial cost of the pen and maybe a larger cartridge, but the liquid is really inexpensive. You can even get vaping liquid with higher nicotine concentration and step down bit by bit until you use the nicotine-free liquid. I just think it is a better alternative to those patches and gum.

First Aid Kits & Emergency Situation
It is very important to have a first aid kit. If you have one and haven’t opened it in a while, check it and make sure you’re not missing anything. I got one of the big daddy first aid kits that would be perfect for every situation; even a zombie apocalypse. A well-stocked first-aid kit comes in handy in most emergency situation. There are three of these types of situations I talk about in this podcast:

  •  Heart Attacks
  •  Hypothermia
  •  Delivering Babies.

I honestly didn’t know that emergency baby delivering came up too often in trucking news, but boy was I wrong. So it is good to at least have some general knowledge of how you can help until the medical cavalry arrives.

Something for the ladies
The Women In Trucking Association is looking for female drivers to be part of their Image Team. It is a great opportunity to represent women in trucking and be a positive role model. Then I go into a bit of a chit chat about items to have in your travel bag.

I love a good What’s In My Bag Tag (don’t worry if you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically people showing what is in their bag on YouTube). So I thought I would make a few suggestions on key items that would be perfect for the Lady Trucker on the go:

  •   travel sizes of your favorite shower stuff
  •   extra towel
  •   baby wipes
  •   shower shoes
  •   hand sanitizer (the world is dirty, remember that)
  •   face moisturizer with sunscreen

I have perfected the art of the Less-Than-A-Minute-Face. Time isn’t something I have a good grasp of still. So I put together three key items that you can carry with you to give you a fresh look that is super easy. And no brushes are needed; your fingers work best anyway for applying most makeup. Here are the three items:

  •   tinted moisturizer with sunscreen
  •   mascara
  •   tinted lip balm or cream blush

Those few items are all you need for a nice fresh face look if you like to wear makeup and they won’t take up much room in your travel bag.

Deadline Reminders
Don’t forget that 4th Quarter IFTA is due at the end of the month. You can file your IFTA on and be done with it in no time.

If you don’t want to deal with your IFTA Filing, give Truck Services of North America a call and they will be able to take care of it for you. You can contact TSNAmerica via phone: 803-386-0320.

W2s and 1099s are due to employees/contractors by the end of the month. You can create them quick, fast, and in a hurry for your employees at It super easy; you just enter, follow the prompts, and enter the information. If you have any questions contact the ExpressTaxFilings support professionals via phone: 704-839-2270 or email: [email protected]

Thank you so much for listening! A new episode is out every week. Remember Trucking Nation, you get what you give in this world, so try and be kind and enjoy the ride. I will talk to you soon – Misty Noel 😉

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