Trucking Nation Podcast 3 – Capitol Christmas Tree, Winter Survival Kits, & New Tech

How are you Trucking Nation? If you don’t know, then you definitely will now, I’m Misty Noel and I’m back with another entertainment-packed podcast; sponsored by the wonderful online business management program TruckLogics. I’m finally getting into the groove of things when it comes to this whole podcasting adventure I’m on, and I am so grateful I have you all along for the ride.

This Week
I’m already full of holiday cheer, it’s a bit sickening, but I couldn’t help myself. The holidays are my favorite time of year. To spread some of my holiday cheer, I have some fun facts about this year’s Capitol Christmas Tree Tour. We’re talking about the trucks, the trees, and all the happenings. For more information on the tour and everything else, visit the Capitol Christmas Tree webpage.

Better yet, watch the news coverage on the harvesting ceremony and learn some fun tree facts (you never know when it could come up in a conversation, or a trivia game) 

Winter Survival Kits
Most of you have winter kits tucked away safely in the cab, but when was the last time you check it to make sure you had everything you need in case of an emergency? It’s already too cold for comfort here in Rock Hill, SC and my winter survival kit is definitely not up to par. A lot of trucking associations and Trucking Nation members recommend these items in your winter kit, you know – just in case stuff happens, like a blizzard that shuts down an interstate…remember last year:
– a shovel
– flashlight w/ extra batteries
– battery-powered radio
– water 
– protein bars
– mini candy bars
– extra hats, socks, gloves, and blankets
– tow chains/rope
– road salt, sand, or kitty litter
– first aid kit
– emergency flares and reflectors
– fluorescent distress flag and whistle to attract attention
And if you want to take that one extra precaution, a portable heater is a great thing have in case of emergency. 
New Technology
Detroit (formerly Detroit Diesel) demonstrated a new safety system last week that uses radar to scan the highway in from of a truck to adjust cruising speed, alert drivers of fast closure rate, and brake autonomously. Side note: I had to practice saying autonomously over and over again before the podcast; I learned if I said it in a British accent, it came out better. 
For more information on this new technology, check out the article on OverDriveOnline. They include a video that shows this new radar tech in action. 
Business Spotlight
I have talked about this business a few times in my previous podcasts, I just really love what they do for the Trucking Nation. Truck Services of North America is a full-service processing agency that can handle all your compliance needs. And when I say all, I seriously mean everything you could ever need to stay compliant and operable. Check out their entire list of services and packages they have to offer. What truly sets Truck Services of North America apart from other businesses in their field, is their high standard of customer service. I have seen this team in action, most recently for the IFTA deadline, and they are always polite and respectful of their clients. Quality customer service is a dying art form and this company keeps it alive. Another great aspect of their services is it is all done over the phone. Give em’ a call @ 803-386-0320 for more information.
Well Trucking Nation, I have some great stuff planned for next week’s special Thanksgiving Podcast! So be on the look out for that, and I can’t wait to talk to you then. Y’all have a great rest of the week, I appreciate everything you do – Misty Noel 😉

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