Trucking Nation Podcast: 18. IFTA, Stories from the Road, & Veggies for Truckers

What’s up, Trucking Nation? Hopefully, the road is treating you well these past few weeks. I have a great show for you filled with IFTA info and some stories from the road. I also throw in a health and fitness chat at the end. Click that Play button and let the good times roll!

Here’s The Rundown

An interesting way to tell a story
I really enjoy reading those Highway Hero and Knight of The Road stories. It just warms my heart knowing there are people who still care in this crazy world. published a Knight of the Road story that is completely different from anything I have ever seen. It was just too cool not to talk about. It has these really great illustrations with it and at the end it shows a real picture of Vijaydeep Sahasi (the truck operator that saved a woman having a heart attack). It is an amazing story and told in told just cool way. Check it out.

IFTA Deadline
You knew it was coming. The 1st Quarter IFTA Deadline is April 30th and you have a few filing options:
1)  You can generate your IFTA return via your TruckLogics account. It’s pretty easy- just click a few buttons, but if you do have questions contact the TruckLogics Support team at 704-234-6946.

2) Easily generate your IFTA return and find out all the filing information for each state jurisdiction. There are multiple upload options for your mileage, including GPS upload and Excel. If you don’t see your GPS platform listed, just contact the ExpressIFTA Support Team to have it added at 704-234-6005.

3) Truck Services of North America is the best to have all of your IFTA filing handled over the phone by a professional. I talk about this company a lot because they are just so great. They can handle any and every compliancy issue, including registrations, trip/fuel permits, authorities, and they provide business startup services. Give them a call at 803-386-0320.

Veggies made for Truckers
If you are not a big vegetable fan, don’t worry we can convert you (insert evil laugh). There are a good amount of veggies that keep well on the road and you can check them out in this blog I wrote – Eat Your Veggies Day. I’m really a big fan of grilling veggies when the weather is nice. I swear it just makes them better and splash on some lemon juice with a few spices and the world is magically a better place. Give it go and try something different; you only have one life so why not, right?

I hope you enjoyed the show and thank you so much for listening. I know this summer is going to be something amazing and I will make sure to tell you everything. Get your fitness on whenever you can and enjoy some great veggies, truckers. Remember you get what you give in this world, so try to be kind and enjoy the ride. Talk to you soon – Misty Noel.

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