The Trucklogics Mobile App Now has Chat!

Here at TruckLogics, we’re always pushing to bring you the latest technology that can improve your trucking business. That’s why we created our trucking management software in the first place!

As you may already know, TruckLogics provides the best solution for owner-operators, fleet and carrier managers, as well as company drivers. As we like to say around here, one app fits all!

Introducing TruckLogics Chat

Wait, a chat feature? Why do we need to chat with our fleet managers? Can’t we just text?

Well, as a trucker’s app, we’re always looking to simplify how you maintain your business.

What TruckLogics’ new feature does is let truck owners, fleet managers, and drivers directly chat with each other. They can share important photos (truck condition, delivery locations, freight itself), as well as the location of the truck.

This is all through the TruckLogics app, allowing you to keep all of your business in one nice, direct location.

What are the TruckLogics Chat Features?

Really, this feature is only useful for Fleet Users and their multi-user accounts – set up for dispatchers, accountants, and drivers, of course.

In order to use the chat feature, each multi-user account must install the TruckLogics App on their mobile device.

As a one-to-one chat app for truck drivers, truck owners, and fleet managers, TruckLogics aims to streamline discourse between management and drivers on the road while centralizing all your business communication in one app.

As a driver app, users can easily communicate by sharing trip documents, invoices, videos, and images. Anything that you need to get the job done!

Thanks to the broadcast feature, the main user account can also communicate with all of their sub-users at once.

How Can a Chat Feature Benefit Your Fleet?

First of all, you’ll ease the burden of truck management for yourself, your drives, and your clients.

You can also keep tabs on the load status, with the option to see it at any time. Best of all, truck owners can get touch with drivers, fleet managers, and other staff to point them in the right direction.

Are you ready to take your fleet communication to the next level? Download TruckLogics from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store today!

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