Trip Settlements with TruckLogics & Mercer

Hey, did you hear?

TruckLogics has joined with Mercer Transportation to allow leased operators to automatically import their settlements with ease!

We’re excited to announce this update to our Mercer integration. With this convenient method, leased operators can import their settlements directly from their email to their Trucklogics account.

With TruckLogics for leased operators, you can expected a fully automated system to work with you.

How does it work? Well, the leased operator gets the load from Mercer, then delivers the load like normal.

After the load is delivered, the leased operator gets an electronic settlement via email. The leased operator just needs to forward the settlement email to [email protected] from the registered TruckLogics email ID.

Settlement values like Trip Details, Revenue, and Deductions get automatically imported to the leased operator’s TruckLogics account.

If there are any import errors, the leased operator can review the settlement errors and correct them within TruckLogics. If everything is fine, the settlement will be imported successfully.

So you can expect Trip Settlements to get a lot easier with the settlement import option!

This is what makes TruckLogics the optimum trucking management software in the industry for leased operators who work with Mercer.

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