How Can You Keep Track of Recurring Expenses?

There’s no shame in admitting it, Trucking Nation – running a business is difficult!

Whether you’re an office manager at a carrier or an owner-operator, you need to make sure your expenses are calculated right. Especially when it comes to the recurring expenses you will face.

With TruckLogics as your fleet management software, you can take your business management to the next level by implementing recurring expenses.

What are Recurring Expenses?

Recurring expenses are the charges you incur on a regular, scheduled basis. This might be the cost of your trucks, utilities, or repeating maintenance fees at a fixed cost.

Instead of having to manually add these to your expenses on a regular basis, TruckLogics trucking software now allows you to create a recurring expense that will automatically calculate into your reporting.

How Can Recurring Expenses Help Trucking Companies?

Since adding repetitive charges takes time, allowing you to create a recurring expense means you can save time, and ensure that you never forget an expense that you need to account for.

As you run your transportation business, you will have plenty of recurring expenses you need to account for. This could be anything from a truck payment to the cost of fuel to any other truck expense.

Tracking software needs to meet your needs, and TruckLogics can do just that.

Creating Recurring Expenses in TruckLogics

It’s simple – you enter the information for a recurring expense within TruckLogics, and this expense will automatically calculate depending on the frequency of the expense.

With recurring expenses, you can accurately track and report your revenue and expenses month after month.

Instead of manually adding your expenses, TruckLogics lets you streamline the process by adding and managing recurring expenses instead.

When you’re looking for truck accounting software, TruckLogics is the only stop you need to make. Not only do we offer recurring expenses, but we also have QuickBooks® integration, routing tracking with ProMiles, and easy-to-use invoicing tools that will take the hassle out of managing your trucking business.

Have questions? We’re always here to answer anything you might be wondering!

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