The Price Is Always Right with TruckLogics

You may not realize it, but TruckLogics is a very green-friendly program.

With TruckLogics, your business is free to go virtually paperless, which is great for our Mother

Earth! But that’s not the only kind of green I’m talkin’ about.

We are extra friendly to the kind of green that grows in your wallet too! I’m talking about greenbacks–dollars, baby!

Because with TruckLogics, the price is always right!

We pride ourselves on making TruckLogics accessible for everyone. A vital part of that mission is making TruckLogics user-friendly. But an equally important part is making it affordable–and not just affordable for large fleets.

Owner-Operators and Drivers shouldn’t have to bankrupt their small businesses to manage their workload. So we set out to lighten their load, affordably.

That’s why TruckLogics offers three custom price packages, each with the perfect price and features for your business, whatever its size!

Let’s take a peek at the bang behind each buck you spend with TruckLogics!


TruckLogics has all of the resources that leased & independent O-O’s need, all in one place! For less than $5 a month, O-O’s with 1-2 trucks will have unlimited access to features like Maintenance

Tracker. Schedule a maintenance task for a truck or trailer, and receive automatic reminders on your Dashboard every time the task is needed in the future. And you’ll always know where your next paycheck is coming from using the Chart of Accounts. See cash flow in real time as you view paid and unpaid invoices. You can even track invoices by due date.

Independent Owner-Operators will also benefit from our ProMiles integration, which allows you to precisely estimate mileage for a trip and quickly generate a professional quote for a client. That order quote can then be emailed to the client using our customizable email templates. Independent O-O’s can also run equipment-specific income & expense reports to chart income by truck.

And our free, 24/7 Support Crew are always there in case you have a question, because you shouldn’t have to spend big bucks to be treated like a VIP! All this and more for under $5 a month, you can’t beat it!

Small Fleets

Small fleet owners with 3-7 trucks can trim costs and save time with TruckLogics for just $12.95 a

month. In addition to the features for O-O’s, small fleets will benefit from improved communications with drivers. With all of your drivers organized in your AddressBook, you can then issue personal logins to communicate dispatches to each. By adding check-calls to those dispatches, both you and your clients will receive real-time updates from your drivers at each stage of the trip, putting you and the consignee at ease! Your drivers can also use the TruckLogics app to send you receipts, expense reports, and Trip Logs right from the road.

Whether you or your drivers handle quarterly IFTA and yearly HVUT, TruckLogics will make it easier. We’re integrating with both ExpressIFTA and ExpressTruckTax to make your tax filings a breeze. All of the information that you log in TruckLogics will be swiftly converted into completed tax forms, ready to be E-filed or mailed. Combined, these two features will save you huge chunks of time, at least five times a year!

Mid-Size Fleets

If you’ve got a fleet of 8-14 trucks, then TruckLogics can help keep it sorted for under $25 a month. You’ll always know where your drivers and trucks are thanks to your new best friend: Truck Zone.

Truck Zone is your digital garage for storing info on hundreds or thousands of trucks, trailers, and other equipment. From license plate numbers, to VIN numbers, to gross weight, everything you need to know about each truck is stored securely and easily accessed with a few clicks (which corresponds to faster yearly HVUT filings!). And this not only saves you time, but money. When dispatching your orders, you can select the driver, truck & trailer closest to the pick-up point, which trims mileage and helps keep deliveries running on time.

Truck Zone also integrates with Maintenance Tracking to help ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet. And finally, TruckLogics allows you to generate specific reports by driver, by customer, by truck, and much more. With these monthly and yearly reports always at the ready, managing the infinite moving parts of your fleet just became a little easier.


We know drivers have a different set of challenges to manage, but they still come with plenty of paperwork. From fuel purchases to Trip Sheets, the free TruckLogics app for drivers will help you keep everything straight and reduce the time spent on paperwork.

You can manage multiple companies from a single account, capture and upload important documents, and use the Check-Call feature to communicate quickly with dispatch and clients. And as I mentioned, it’s available for free download on iOS & Android devices! Free is the best price around, is it not?

More Freebies!

Our tablet app isn’t the only freebie. We’re big fans of free perks, which is why TruckLogics is entirely free for the first 15 days! All of our exclusive features plus 24/7 support, and you get free, unlimited access to it all.

Freebie number two: our free Live Demos! Choose a time convenient for you, and one of our Support Crew will give you a live, one-on-one walkthrough of the program. We’ll even tailor the tutorial to your business specifically, and teach you tons of the convenient little hacks for making it run smoother!

Contact the Support Crew to set-up your free demo today! Call them at 704.234.6946, message them on live chat, or email them at [email protected].

And stay tuned! We’re always adding more features and freebies to enhance your TruckLogics experience and make your money go further!

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