The 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline Is Nearly Here!

Generate and file your IFTA report before the deadline!

And just like that, you’re almost out of time!

November 2 is the 3rd Quarter IFTA filing deadline.

You need to complete your IFTA tax return by midnight on November 2 to avoid hefty penalties.

If you have not yet filed your 3rd quarter IFTA report, there’s still hope for making the IFTA deadline.

We’ve got the tools you’re looking for! Here’s everything you need to file your IFTA tax return on time.

No More Hiding – The IFTA Filing Deadline is Here!

Information You Need To File Your IFTA Fuel Tax

This is the information you’ll need to collect before you can complete your IFTA tax return:

The IFTA fuel tax is an effort to redistribute fuel taxes equally among jurisdictions (the states you drive through).

Since truckers are constantly crossing state lines, state fuel taxes alone do not accurately portray the total mileage traveled in each state.

For instance, a trucker could fill up in South Carolina and then immediately cross into North Carolina. There, they could drive twice as far without ever filling up.

Is the South Carolina state fuel tax distributed amongst the states correctly?

No. This is where IFTA fuel tax comes in.

By reporting mileage and travel, drivers are held accountable for mileage driven in each state.

This IFTA deadline covers mileage traveled between the 1st IFTA quarterly tax due date and the 3rd quarter IFTA deadline. You still need to file IFTA even if you purchased no fuel and did not drive your truck this quarter.

How to File Your IFTA Tax Return

If you still haven’t filed your 3rd quarter IFTA report, you’ll need a quick solution.

If you’re already a TruckLogics subscriber, you can generate your IFTA report in just a few clicks! (And if you use Motive ELDs (formerly KeepTruckin) this process is even faster!)

Just go to the IFTA tab and then click “Start Return” on the 3rd Quarter IFTA tab. Pick which truck you want to generate a report for and then check all its information. If everything looks correct, simply download your IFTA report and use it to file!

Filing Before the IFTA Deadline

Missing the IFTA filing deadline means paying penalties.

As mentioned, IFTA has quarterly tax due dates 4 times a year. Even if you already filed your IFTA tax return last quarter, you’ll need to file again for the 3rd quarter.

If you aren’t already using TruckLogics, get a 15-day free trial today! That way your 3rd and 4th quarter IFTA reports, will be easier than ever!

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