It’s That Time Again: 2nd Quarter IFTA Returns!

It’s that time again! IFTA returns are here for the 2nd quarter of 2015, and it seems like they’ve really
snuck up this time around. For those of you worried that it came on too fast, no worries.

TruckLogics is here to help you file as painlessly as possible well before the the July 31st deadline. In fact, you’ll have plenty of time to spare!

Hesitant to traverse the lonely—not to mention, expensive— road alone? Don’t be! The Support Crew at TruckLogics understands and sympathizes with your situation and is there to help you from start to finish.

A Different Kind of IFTA Filing

Most people are hesitant to ditch their calculators and leave paper–filing when they’re used to it, but those people don’t understand that filing with TruckLogics is easier than any other method available. TruckLogics’ IFTA feature allows you to quickly and accurately file your quarterly IFTA without all the hassle of traditional methods.

Since you’re already using TruckLogics’ great trip sheet feature, TruckLogics can pull the mileage and fuel use data from your trip sheets and use that to generate IFTA reports, or if you choose, completed IFTA returns. The only thing you have to do is print, sign, and mail! It’s just that simple.

State-specific returns aren’t a problem, either. No matter where your base jurisdiction is, TruckLogics can create a return for you. In addition, we’ll include instructions on how to complete your submissions, just in case you need them.

Tripping about Trip Sheets?

TruckLogics can create your IFTA return with your trip sheet data, just fill them in to file an accurate return. You can manually enter that information on any trip sheets you’re missing, use Google Maps, or use our preferred method, ProMiles. However, you choose to input the data, make sure you aren’t missing any trip sheets before you begin.

The ProMiles add-on feature takes your TruckLogics account to the next level, opening up a ton of benefits, which include features like:

  • The most accurate address-to-address routing available for transportation professionals, making out-of-route mileage a thing of the past. Your bottom line will thank us, trust me. 
  • One-Click trip sheets that automatically sync to your ProMiles add-on and fill in your mileage per jurisdiction. All you’ll need to add are fuel purchases. 

However, you choose to get the information there, don’t forget that we’re only an email, chat, or phone call away!

Filing 101

You’ve filled in your trip sheets, you’ve assembled your ducks in a nice, neat row. Ready? Set. File!
Head to the IFTA Dashboard. Select IFTA from the top menu. You’ll see the option for 2nd Quarter 2015.

Click “Start Return”

Your IFTA Truck List. Check the boxes next to the vehicles you’d like included in the IFTA return. This will pull data from the trip sheets associated with that vehicle(s). To double-check the trip data associated with each vehicle, select “View Log” next to that truck.

Return Details. This is a summary of the information you’ve included in your return, including your total mileage, fuel use, and MPG for the quarter. Everything look good? Click “Next”.

IFTA Tax Due. If applicable, add any credits or refunds to your return here.

Summary. Woohoo! You’ve completed your return! If everything looks good, go forth and download your return.

Download your IFTA return in PDF. Select “Download IFTA PDF” and you’re good to go. Sign your return, prepare your payment, and then follow the attached instructions to submit it to your base jurisdiction.

Hours of calculations are done in a few minutes, leaving you to grab a nice cup of coffee with friends while everyone else who doesn’t use TruckLogics (You should tell them, seriously) suffers from the pangs of calculation cramp.

Filing your quarterly IFTA return has never been so easy. With a 15 day free–trial for everyone — with no credit card required— there is no reason not to try out TruckLogics and file your IFTA return today. Go to TruckLogics to get started.

Our 24/7 Support Team is waiting to lend you a hand for any situation along the way via email, chat, phone, or free personal demo. Give us a call at 704.234.6946 or email us at [email protected], today! Try TruckLogics and easily file your IFTA Returns!

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