The Best Ways to Handle Rookie Truckers!

It can sure get old. You know, the sitting in the fuel bay, getting lost, hogging the CB radio airways, using archaic trucker slang, and whatever else rookie truckers always do. As a veteran road warrior who has been tearing up the streets with his 18-wheeler since the 70s, it can be difficult dealing with a rookie.

But with the driver dilemma going on right now, you might just be welcoming in a whole new slew of drivers in the near future. So, keep your cool, calm your jets, or whatever else you have to do to handle these newbies. Oh yeah, and check out our suggestions!


Everyone was a rookie once, and I’m sure in your first year you struggled with the most basic of maneuvers. Don’t tell me you’ve never clipped a mirror when backing up. And when you were said rookie, wasn’t it nice when someone gave you a refresher course?

That’s what we thought! You’ve got the hands-on experience that can really help greenhorn drivers succeed—well, at least, get them to the point that they’re not driving you nuts. So put the ego aside and help your fellow trucking brother learn some of the basics again.


We’ve all been stuck behind a fellow trucker trying to either back into a spot or make a turn. And you’ve always got those guys who’ve been on the road for a while either not bothering to help them or chastising them by blowing their horn the entire time. It slows up everyone’s day, no one gets anywhere, and you end up getting more frustrated the longer you wait. So why are you still sitting in your truck? Why aren’t you out there helping?

This isn’t about your pride, so save yourself (and others) the time, get out and help.  


You’re aware of the saying, “lead by example.” Pretty common in most everyday situations, right? And when you’re the senior truck driver at the pit stop, leading by example is pretty important. If you get irritated with rookies who cut people off, don’t check, make blind backs, or take too long at fuel stops then we suggest you don’t do the same.

Rookies are trying to adapt to the industry, and one of the surest ways they learn is by following the precedent set for them by veterans. So if you get annoyed when a rookie does something, make sure you’re not doing it first.

Keep it Cool

It might take a newbie a couple of months to catch on to the lingo and all the other insider information about the Trucking Nation, so do them a favor and try to keep patient. They’ll learn eventually. But while they’re at it, they don’t need you yelling, shouting, or blowing your horn at them.

How do you deal with rookie drivers? Let us know in the comment section below or share with us on our Facebook page. 

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