IFTA Isn’t the Only Tax Form You Need to Worry About

There is always another tax form due right? Especially as a trucker! You have your quarterly IFTA return, your IRP report, your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290, and more. We do our best here at TruckLogics to make IFTA reporting easy so you can quickly complete your return.

But then we had an idea. Why stop at IFTA? If you’re running a trucking business you have tons of returns to file and they should all be fast and easy to complete online. That’s why we’re excited the announce the launch of TaxBandits.

IFTA isn’t the only tax form you need to worry about…

TaxBandits is here to help!

TaxBandits is our latest small business tax e-filing solution that’s designed to help you steal back your time. Instead of paying an accountant to handle your taxes or spending hours with confusing forms you can use TaxBandits to instantly file your returns.

Just follow our simple step-by-step e-filing guide that explains what information you need to file, and where to enter it. To make our process super easy and convenient we have removed time-consuming, unnecessary steps in the filing process.

TaxBandits currently offers W-2 Forms, the Form 990 Series (Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, 990-PF, 1120-POl, 8868), ACA Forms, the Form 1099 Series, the Form 94X Series, and Form Extensions. This way you can file multiple returns for your small business or nonprofit and even file extensions for more time.

File Form 990-N in 3 Steps

Along with offering multiple forms TaxBandits also provides multiple innovative e-filing features to make the entire process incredibly convenient. For example, the bulk upload feature allows you to upload all of your information at once.

Plus, you can use the postal mailing feature to have us mail hard copies of your returns to each of your recipients!

Check out our free “Vendor Payments & How to Stay Compliant” Webinar today, Tuesday, December 12th at 2 PM EST to learn more about Form 1099-MISC. Register here!

Contact TaxBandits

If you need any assistance contact the outstanding, US-based TaxBandits support team. We’re available over the phone at 704.684.4751. We also offer live chat and 24/7 email support at [email protected].

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