Spooky Season Is Every Quarter When You Don’t File Your IFTA

Generate your IFTA report for the October 31st third quarter IFTA deadline today!

It’s that time of year again, it’s a spooky season, and Halloween is less than a week away. Halloween, October 31st, also happens to be the deadline for the third quarter of IFTA. IFTA has to be filed every quarter to your base jurisdiction if you drive a vehicle weighing 26,000 pounds or more, with three or more axles, and drives through two or more jurisdictions. 

Have you started generating your IFTA report for the third quarter? If not, there’s still time to get your IFTA report generated. It is important that you report your IFTA on time. Otherwise, there will be frightful penalties. In order to make sure that this does not happen, you need to generate your IFTA report with software you can trust. 

There is no need to fear because there is a solution for all of your IFTA reporting needs. TruckLogics allows users to generate IFTA reports either through its IFTA-only option or through its full Trucking Management Solution, included with a preferred or premium subscription. TruckLogics takes the fear out of filing by offering three methods of data entry: bulk upload with our excel template, manual entry, or importing data from your Motive account. 

When reporting IFTA, you need to record the amount of fuel purchased and miles driven in each jurisdiction. Once generated, you will be able to download your file-ready IFTA report and file it with your base jurisdiction. Your base jurisdiction will then handle the distribution of the tax amounts owed to other states. If your base jurisdiction does not allow paper filing, TruckLogics will provide you with an e-filing worksheet so that you can e-file your IFTA report with your base jurisdiction.

If you only need to generate IFTA reports, the IFTA-only option will help you tremendously. If you need help managing your trucking business operations, the full Trucking Management Software option is right for you. You are able to dispatch and manage drivers, keep track of truck maintenance, pay drivers, and so much more. IFTA reporting is available with a premium or preferred subscription. In both cases, TruckLogics keeps track of the IFTA tax rates and does the calculations for you. It also has an optional state adjacency check that makes sure the states you are reporting for are adjacent to each other. 

Don’t be scared of the 3rd quarter IFTA deadline this Halloween. TruckLogics is here to help with all of your IFTA reporting needs. You still have time to generate and file your IFTA reports with your base jurisdiction. If you miss the October 31st deadline, you’ll be spooked by frightful fines. If you ghost the IFTA office, you’ll be the one getting haunted. What are you waiting for? Start reporting your 3rd quarter IFTA today with TruckLogics, and have a Happy Halloween!

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