3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet

Small fleet owners have one of the toughest jobs in the industry.

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They’re not just managing a single truck with a single driver (as in, only them). They can be handling anything from two trucks to a dozen or more trucks! While you are earning more than a lone owner-operator, you don’t have the same deep coffers a large fleet has.

So we’ve gathered a few tools to help you manage your small fleet!

Dispatch Tools

With TruckLogics in your tool-belt, you can run dispatches with the efficiency of the largest fleet in town.

Using TruckLogics, you can assign drivers and equipment, as well as shipper and consignee with just a few clicks. If you need to notify your clients of load progress and location, you can use our Check Call feature, and send the bill of lading, and proof of delivery.

Plus with our mobile app, dispatching has never been easier!

Smarter Invoicing Tools

Once you’ve created a dispatch proposal, you can convert them to invoices with a single click. From that point, you can email, print, or mark an invoice as delivered with another click of a button.

You can select the factoring company option by choosing “yes” or “no” from the choices given. Select “yes” if the invoice has been claimed by a third party, and their rate will apply.

Communication Tools

We recently introduced a new set of communication tools to TruckLogics, which includes chat and messaging, and even a broadcast feature.

As a small fleet, you want the best communication possible to get the job done. With these features, you can message your drivers directly from TruckLogics for a one-on-one conversation, or broadcast important information to everyone in your fleet—they just need to have the TruckLogics app on their phone.

So go ahead and upgrade the efficiency of your small fleet with these 3 tools. Not a member of TruckLogics? When you’re ready to take your small fleet to the next level, head over to TruckLogics.com and sign up!

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