TruckLogics Mileage Tracking: Save Time with One-Click Trip Sheets & Reports

How do you track your mileage?

Do you scribble it into a notebook? Onto a trip sheet template? Do you type it into an Excel Spreadsheet? Or do you have a GPS that saves the data for you? No matter how you do it, there’s an easier way up ahead.
And here it comes. TruckLogics’ Trip Sheet Feature and Reports Feature work together to like a pair of superheroes to make mileage tracking so smooth, it’s like you aren’t even doing it at all.

The TruckLogics Trip Sheets feature beats even a GPS when it comes to ease of use and time saved. Why? Because TruckLogics not only makes trip sheets easy but it turns those trip sheets into Profit/Loss reports and IFTA reports, giving you the data you need to do business like the pro that you are. 

And you get it all without breaking a sweat.

Trip Sheets Simplified

After dispatching your load, you can conveniently create a trip sheet from that same screen. Just head to the Trip Sheets tab in the Dispatch Board, and then choose one of two ways to input your data:

1. Manual Entry or 2. ProMiles

To manually record your miles, simply enter the date of the trip, odometer reading, highways used, and gallons of fuel purchased. Then calculate the total miles of the trip, mark whether the miles are loaded or empty, and denote any toll mileage.

To expedite this process, use ProMiles to complete your Trip Sheets! Simply tick the box “Enter Trip Sheet Using ProMiles.” With the ProMiles add-on, Trip Sheets complete themselves. Just add the date of the trip and any fuel purchases. ProMiles takes care of the rest. It knows which roads are toll roads, and it will even record your empty miles on the trip back automatically!

Automatic Reports

Whether you complete your trip sheets manually or with ProMiles, you’ll still reap the benefits of our Reports feature–that magical place where all of your trip sheets are converted into helpful data.

From within the Reports feature, you can generate monthly and quarterly Profit/Loss reports by clicking a single button. This report will compile your total miles, as well as a loaded/empty breakdown.

Standing out amongst all of the other helpful reports you can run with TruckLogics, the IFTA Fuel Tax Summary Report shines bright, providing a breakdown of your total miles run in the quarter, amount of fuel purchased, and the tax owed to your base jurisdiction.

The figures in this report can be used to fill in your IFTA return, or if that sounds like too much work still, then just head over to the IFTA feature to have TruckLogics generate a completed, state-specific return for you!

That’s just one of the many benefits of keeping all of your business data in a single, cloud-based program. There’s no need to enter your trip data in one place and move that data somewhere else to create a financial report, and then somewhere else again to create your IFTA returns each quarter. And there’s no need to perform any calculations yourself, which personally, is my favorite thing about TruckLogics.

If you’re new to TruckLogics and need help utilizing all of its awesome features, then set up a free live tutorial with our Support Crew! Call 704.234.6946 and find a time convenient for you so that you can get the most out of the program.

Not a TruckLogics user yet? That’s okay too because we offer Free 30 Day Trials. There’s no credit card needed to sign up and no risk. Just 30 days of business management bliss, and the time you need to see just how much TruckLogics can do for your business.

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