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Mike Antich wrote The Top 50 Traits of a Great Fleet Manager, and one statement really stood out -“If you are not capable of juggling 18 chainsaws at once, your time as a fleet manager will be limited.” A very dangerous scenario, but the statement has a lot of truth. Fleet managers are faced with unbelievable tasks on a daily basis and when armed with the right tools, juggling those chainsaws can be more fun than work.

TruckLogics is a complete business management program that can be a fleet manager’s secret weapon to make vehicle and driver management look easy.

Driver Management

Driver Information
You can have every driver’s license, truck, insurance, pay rate, and contact details available to you with a click of a button. TruckLogics helps you keep driver information organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

Dispatching loads isn’t the real issue. It’s tracking those dispatches and knowing which ones are still active and which ones have been delivered. TruckLogics keeps all your dispatches organized so you know every driver’s location, and who is available for the next load. You can eliminate unnecessary deadhead miles and fuel costs by scheduling loads near drop-off points.

Driver App
TruckLogics’ driver app is a great tool for communicating dispatch information. Once a dispatch is assigned, your driver will be instantly notified via email and they can view the dispatch on their TruckLogics app. Drivers can view total dispatch miles, record fuel and other expenses with receipt photos, update check calls, and access a map with a marked route from shipper to consignee. Expense and check call updates can be viewed in your TruckLogics account in real time.

Driver Settlements
Driver settlements created in TruckLogics list miles and other information that builds trust with drivers. This helps to avoid altercations about pay because everything is recorded and visible on the driver settlements. Driver settlements can be provided on a per-trip or weekly basis.

Vehicle Management

Maintenance Scheduling
Truck and trailer maintenance can be easily scheduled in TruckLogics with reminders so you’re never left guessing. When you log in to your TruckLogics account, you can clearly see what maintenance is coming up or past due. Scheduling maintenance in advance lets you know exactly what trucks and trailers will be available.

Finance & Equipment Tracking
Ever want to know what truck has accumulated the most expenses for a specified date range? Or how many miles driven by a specific truck last month? TruckLogics tracks all your activity and can auto-generate a report showing detailed information for any date range. All your equipment activity is meticulously tracked too so you know where your equipment has been and how much it is being used.

IFTA Reporting
IFTA is one of those necessary evils in the trucking industry and TruckLogics makes IFTA reporting easy. TruckLogics has an integrated ProMiles feature that will auto-populate your trip sheets with each dispatch you make. Our program will track your loaded and empty miles as you go, so when it comes to the IFTA deadline, all you have to do is click a button to generate the report. You won’t have to look back through months worth of mileage and painstakingly enter each state entry ever again.

LTL Orders
You can schedule and track LTL orders. Assign multiple loads to a single driver or team and dispatch in one clean, easy step. If you get a call to pick up a load, you can add that order to a truck already in motion and update his route accordingly. Check calls can be updated from our driver app and you can notify clients of the load status. Once the loads are marked as delivered, the information is auto-generated into separate invoices for each load. 

These are only a handful of the features TruckLogics provides fleet managers. Multi-tasking will always be a main requirement, but with TruckLogics you can work smarter, not harder. Give TruckLogics a test drive with a free 15-day trial and contact The Support Crew for a personal one-on-one demo at 704-234-6946 or email: [email protected].

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