10 Must-Have Gadgets for the Road

Anyone who has been in the trucking business long enough will tell you; there’re things you just absolutely need to have while on the road. Things like paper towels, pens, extra clothes, deodorant, etc. But has anyone told you about all the great gadgets you’ve got to have while on the road? You know, the tools that will help keep you entertained, driving safer, so on and so forth? Well, if they haven’t then you’re in luck. We have a list of 10 gadgets that will make life on the road a little bit easier.

Gadget #1: Durabook

Before we go on to mention any cool apps or other gadgets, an absolute must you need for the road is a Durabook. Durabooks are a type of tablet that can handle even the most rugged of conditions—think military grade. These tablets are waterproof, can operate at 0° F, are shock-resistant, have an eight-hour battery life, and even come with a 10.1 inch LCD screen. See, we told you it’s a must-have!

Gadget #2: OtterBox

If we’re keeping with the rugged lifestyle theme, an OtterBox is a case you’ll want to put on any of your electronics. These cases can prevent your devices from getting scratched by keys or any other sharp item. It even helps protect things from water damage, just in case you spill your drink while driving. And it has a soft outer shell so you can comfortably slip your phone into your pocket and keep on trucking.

Gadget #3: Vacuum Cleaner

So, OK, we’ll be honest, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t sound like a cool new techie gadget, however, it’s something we recommend. No one likes to live or work in a dirty area. If you have a mini vacuum cleaner readily available when you need it, you’ll be more inclined to use it.

Gadget #4: Portable Coffee Maker

Long days on the road can be tiresome unless you have hot coffee to perk you back up. There are portable coffee makers that fit in your cupholder and brew a single cup of coffee for you to enjoy. And it plugs right into your 12v outlet. We knew you’d be fans of that one!

Gadget #5: iGrill

Are you starting to cook more of your own food while on the road? Great idea—it’s healthier and helps you save money. But are you worried about cooking your food long enough and at the right temperature? If so, try iGrill. It’s a meat thermometer that sends the temperature of your food right to your phone. Say you want to monitor the temperature of your food, but your buddies are calling you over to talk. The iGrill lets you keep a watch on your food from 200 feet away. Pretty cool, right?

Gadget #6: Power Inverter

No need to spend extra money on gadgets designed to work with your car when you can simply use a power inverter. These gadgets plug into your 12v outlet, allowing you to use standard electric plugs. Just be mindful and don’t overload the inverters. I’d suggest sticking to just using three outlets or less.

Gadget #7: Portable TVs

One of the best ways to pass the time during those long rest stops is by watching TV. Am I right? Thankfully portable TVs (tablets) are a thing, and they seem to be designed with truckers in mind. You can connect to a cable provider and get all of your favorite channels while on the road. Most cable providers now offer a package plan that will allow you to download their app and watch your favorite shows on the road.

Gadget #8: Cup Holder Swivel Tray

Eating food while on the road has to be one of the worst parts about driving. Where do you put the fries and drink, or anything else? Well, thankfully they make trays that fit into your cup holder. These trays can be used as a makeshift table, letting you have a comfortable place to put all of your food.

Gadget #9: Compact Cooler

Being on the road for an extended period can make it difficult for you to keep many of your food items cold, especially meats and dairy. Compact coolers that plug right into your 12v outlets are the perfect gadget to have on hand.

Gadget #10: TruckLogics

In the number 10 spot is TruckLogics, the ultimate gadget to have with you while on the road. As a trucking management solution, TruckLogics helps minimize the paperwork and keeps you on top of all of your dispatches, taxes, invoices, and routes. TruckLogics also offers a mobile app, letting you access it from anywhere, at any time. And did we mention, it’s free to try for 15 days? Sign up now for TruckLogics! Like we said, it’s a must-have gadget.

What gadgets do you bring along with you? Let us know in the comment section below. And if you want more tips, stay tuned to TruckLogics. We’ll bring you the latest industry news each week.

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