The First Trucking Nation Podcast

Happy Hallows Eve Trucking Nation! I have a special treat just for you from the entire TruckLogics Team. Maybe I should wait to tell you…decisions, decisions. I’m too excited, I can’t hold it in any longer. I am proud to announce the most amazing, always positive, ultra informative Trucking Nation Podcast with your host Misty Noel – that’s me if you didn’t already know.

A Little Introduction For You All
Everyone in the trucking industry is part of the Trucking Nation, and I have been writing blogs for you all awhile now and y’all seem to love them so much I thought to myself – Self, there is so much more trucking news to talk about that a simple blog isn’t cutting it. A podcast would be way more fun and give the Trucking Nation a chance to listen to everything that is going on in their industry without having to read through tons of text. 

A few days later the Trucking Nation Podcast was born.

What To Expect
We’re a big happy family in the Trucking Nation, so we try and keep it on the lighter of side of things. Now, of course, I will update you on important trucking news and all those fun FMCSA updates, as well as, any extra tidbits you all need to know. We have tons of guests lined up to interview and offer their expertise on financial topics, technology, compliance updates, and trucking business information.

Check Out – Episode 1. We Are The Trucking Nation
Join me, Misty Noel, and special Guest – Jason of TruckLogics, for the very first Trucking Nation podcast. Stay tuned for Episode 2, coming soon to your nearest listening device!

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