TruckLogics Dispatch Management: Streamline Your Operation

If dispatching an order takes you more than 10 seconds, I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way!

We at TruckLogics know, there’s more than one way to stuff a Turkey! (New hashtag, #MetaphorMonday! Catchy, right?) By “stuff a turkey” I mean there are many ways transportation companies manage their dispatches. But there can be only one best way.

Some go old school, just using a clipboard to organize dispatches. Some use an enormous dry erase board, while others prefer pinning to cork boards and maps. And still, some use dispatch software that costs more than what you make in a month.

TruckLogics dispatch software combines the affordability of a clipboard with the efficiency of high-end software, all in one easy-to-use package! With TruckLogics, you can dispatch an order with just a few clicks. In fact, TruckLogics users have super buff pointer fingers because most tasks can be performed without any typing, just a bit of clicking. (We’re anti-typing and pro-auto filling!)

Start warming up that index finger, and get ready to dispatch in 10 seconds flat. TruckLogics Dispatch Management software will save you wads of cash, loads of time, and simplify communication between dispatch and drivers.

Unmatched Value

Typically, dispatch management software starts in the range of $30-50 a month and can skyrocket up to thousands of dollars per month! But not TruckLogics. TruckLogics’ price packages start at just $4.95 a month for 1-2 trucks and run up to $24.95 for 8-14 trucks. Fleets larger than 14 trucks can call to discuss pricing options–but you can still expect an unbeatable value!

All of our packages offer unlimited access to our line-up of exclusive features, plus a free 15 day trial with ProMiles! We strive to provide all of the resources your trucking company needs, but at a price your business can afford, no matter the scale of your operation.

Lightning Fast Dispatching

Order creation, dispatching and invoicing come together in one fast, fluid process within TruckLogics. Our users can complete all three steps in under a minute! But dispatching itself only takes seconds.

And you can’t forget to dispatch an order either, TruckLogics won’t let you! All open orders are visible from the Dashboard, plus you can view all dispatches and their statuses under “All Dispatches.” From there, you’ll be able to see the status of every load with just a glance. You can also sort through dispatches by active, assigned, delivered, and canceled.

To dispatch an open order, simply click on it to head to the order details screen. From there, select the Dispatch tab along the top. Here’s where it gets complicated-Not! This is where the TruckLogics Address Book & Truck Zone features save the day. Simply select a Driver, Truck, and Trailer from the drop-down menu, or select +Add to enter a new driver or equipment to be saved in your account. When choosing from a Driver in your Address Book, you’ll also see their pay rate before assigning the order, again to help you make an informed decision.

When dispatching the driver and equipment, you can also assign a Helper from the same screen if you’re running team drivers, for instance. And at the very bottom of the dispatch page, you can add a Check Call to the order to denote the status, such as starting a trip, at pick up, etc.

So we’re up to maybe 10 seconds tops here, perhaps 20 if you’re indecisive like me. But believe it or not, there are ways to make the dispatch process even faster and easier.

  • Customize Driver Preferences: TruckLogics is full of customizable settings that allow you to automate your day-to-day business affairs. Driver preferences is just one example. You can pair a driver with a particular truck and trailer so that when you dispatch, you simply choose the driver, and their truck and trailer will be selected automatically. To customize driver preferences, head over to your Truck Zone, and then select Driver Preferences.
  • Choose the Driver/Truck Closest to the Pick up: Run a Truck Report to view the last location of every vehicle. From there, compare with your Open Orders and their pick-up locations to select the driver/truck closest to the pick-up spot. When you dispatch smarter, it saves time and costs across the board!
  • ProMiles Integration: TruckLogics has integrated with ProMiles professional routing to bring our users the best address-to-address routing available! With the ProMiles add-on, you’ll have access to the most precise mileage estimation available before you even dispatch the order. This will help you better estimate your cost per mile based on the driver’s pay rate, which in turn will help you keep a closer eye on your bottom line.

    You can also supply your drivers with the ProMiles directions to help them keep to a strict itinerary and avoid out-of-route miles.

Driver App

Why waste time calling drivers or entering check calls yourself! With the TruckLogics Driver App, you can simplify communication between dispatch and drivers, and you’ll always know the status of the delivery.

Drivers can conveniently login anytime from their iOS or Android device to view all dispatches, along with specific order details and instructions.

They can also use the app to continuously enter a Check Call along their route, which will automatically update the load’s status in your system and notify the end client with an email. Upon delivery, driver’s can capture BOL and proof of delivery, all within the app.

With TruckLogics cloud-based Dispatch software and free App for Drivers, managing your dispatches takes only a fraction of the time, and you can do it anywhere! Our auto-filling features and driver check-calls reduce the amount of data-entry required from you and help you keep up with your business in real-time.

Start using TruckLogics today for 15 free days of TruckLogics with ProMiles!

Call them at 704.234.6946 for immediate assistance, email them at [email protected] for 24/7 help, or call and set up a free live demo! They’ll show you how our Dispatch Management Software can help optimize your business operations, no matter its size!

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