Use Technology To Retain Young Truck Drivers

New drivers today have something that road veterans didn’t start off with and that’s tons of brand new technology. GPS units, tablets, satellite radio, new apps to stay connected, and more. As an old school trucker, you may feel like technology is more of a curse than a blessing, but it can be used to your advantage.

With the high turnover rate and driver shortage in the industry the ability to retain drivers, even younger ones fresh out of CDL school will give you the advantage. It could help you get your fleet where you want it to be.

Before you retain a driver you need to attract a driver–that can be done by making your fleet more interesting than the competition. With many new drivers coming into the workforce, employers need to consider their communication style. Younger drivers are very attached to their mobile phones and tend to thrive on efficiency. 

5 Ways Technology Can Increase Driver Retention 

Close the deal by offering mobile management to eliminate paperwork and to make everyone’s lives in your operation easier. A program like TruckLogics, for example, can completely mobilize your business by being available on smartphones and tablets. Drivers can use technology to increase efficiency and help grow your business in 5 distinct ways.

1. Create dispatches and share the information with your drivers in a matter of minutes, so they won’t have to call you and ask for instructions. The dispatch details can include the shipper and consignee details, pick up and drop-off locations, contact information for those locations, any special instructions, and more.

2. Drivers can also constantly update you on their progress and location to keep your clients informed. Plus, they can capture and send BOL and proof of delivery to make their daily check-in easier.

3. The driver settlement will allow drivers to access records to their pay at any time in case they have any questions. They can simply log into their TruckLogics account to clearly see how much they were paid and when. Hauling charges, fuel surcharges, accessorial fees, reimbursements, and deductions will be clearly listed for your drivers to see in order to answer any questions that they may have.

4. Electronic driver logs with TruckLogics eliminates the hassle of having to carry around paper logbooks. They can use the app to easily enter their hours of service and instantly create driver log graphs. This takes the stress out of complying with HOS rules.

5. By using TruckLogics drivers will get access to ProMiles and electronic trip logs. ProMiles will track the most fuel-efficient or quickest route based on your preferences and will let you and your drivers know where the cheapest place to fuel up is. Then all of the miles traveled per jurisdiction in your trip logs will be compiled for an IFTA report that can be used to quickly complete your return.

The Future Is Now

We respect tradition and hard-working, true grit. No matter how advanced technology gets it will never beat the ability to do things like read and follow a map correctly. However, technology can be convenient, help retain drivers, and help you save time while managing your entire business online.

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