Experience TruckLogics’ New LTL Feature

We’re back, Trucking Nation, rolling out an all-new feature!

By popular request, we’ve added LTL to TruckLogics! For just a couple dollars more per month, you can add LTL to your subscription and supercharge your account.

By adding LTL, you’ll save yourself time and experience a multitude of benefits.

Benefits of LTL

What will subscribing to the LTL Feature do for you? A whole lot!

  • Instead of sending multiple dispatches for each of your LTL loads, send just one to your driver.
  • Organize the trip with ease by dragging and dropping the stops into the order you prefer. 
  • Use the ProMiles add-on along with LTL to create the optimal route.
  • Send Check Call updates to each of the loads’ recipients, either from the full site or the free app.
  • Create professional-looking invoices with just a few clicks, a separate one for each order. 

Dispatching: One Is All You Need!

When entering a new order, you’ll now be prompted to select whether the order is LTL (Less than Truckload) or FTL (Full Truckload). You’ll then enter the order details as usual, like the shipper, consignee, pick-up, and drop-off dates.

Once all of the LTL orders you’d like to include in the trip have been saved, it’s time to create a dispatch!

1. Create a new dispatch as usual, and add one of the LTL loads.

2. At the very top of the Dispatch Board, you’ll see a section: Orders to Include in the Dispatch. In this section, click Add New Order, and choose whether to add an existing order or add a quick order, which means you can quickly create a basic order form if you’re pressed for time.

3. Repeat until all LTL loads have been added to the dispatch.

Once all of the LTL orders have been added, it’s time to assign the driver & equipment to the trip, and then optimize your route.

Routing: Prioritize & Optimize

You may not have added the trip stops in order, or perhaps you’d like to add additional stops for refueling. Either way, you can always reorganize the trip from the Routing Tab of the Dispatch.

Simply drag and drop the stops into the order you prefer. Or press the orange + button to add an additional Routing Stop. 

After saving the route, your new total miles will be calculated automatically with ProMiles, and the most efficient route will be available to you from the Maps tab.

Invoicing: Effortless & Professional

Once your LTL orders have been dispatched, and the trip is underway, you can easily create accurate, professional-looking invoices for each separate order. 

Simply head back to the Summary tab of the Dispatch board, and select +Create Invoice. Then choose the invoice due date, and all of the shipper and consignee details will already be entered for you, as well as each driver and trip expense relevant to the order.

You can also edit these details one last time, and add a Memo or Note to the Customer. Finally, choose whether to print, email, or fax the invoice, and then press Generate to save. 

Repeat this process for each LTL on the dispatch. All in all, it should only take a few minutes, since all of the order details will already be present on the invoice.

How Do I Get It?

By subscribing to the new LTL feature, you’ll allow your business more flexibility and truly get the most out of your TruckLogics account membership.

If you already have an account, head to Settings > Subscription > LTL to include this in your monthly billing. Or if you’re new to TruckLogics, sign up for a free 15-day trial, and our LTL feature will be included for you to try out!

Sign up today with promocode MARCH15, and start experiencing a smarter business management solution today.

Oh, and one last thing before you go. Our TruckLogics team is at the Mid-America Trucking Show RIGHT NOW! If you’re one of the thousands of truckers or trucking enthusiasts Louisville-bound this week, then be sure to stop by our Booth 66121 to grab some free swag and say hello!
You’ll also have a chance to meet our Product Manager, Bryan, and his pride and joy, Mean Green!

MATS is also a great opportunity to give us your feedback on TruckLogics and encourage us to add new, helpful features like LTL. When you speak, we listen! So let your voice be heard.

We’ll see you at MATS!

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