Trucking Nation Podcast: 16. MATS, IFTA Deadline, & Mental Fitness

Hi Friends! It’s a whole new show this week and I know you will enjoy it. MATS is happening this week and the TruckLogics team is there. IFTA is coming up and March Madness finals are here; so much going on. Now, of course, I talk about some fitness, but this week we are focusing on the mental aspect of fitness. For a bit of fun, I throw in some real zombie apocalypse applications for your new skills that you picked up to sharpen your mental game. It’s time to get positive truckers, so hit that PLAY button!

TruckLogics At MATS 2015
Anyone who is anyone in trucking makes an appearance at MATS and TruckLogics is no exception. The team made it out to MATS and even did a great promo video that is guaranteed to make you laugh. You just have to watch it, click re-play and watch it again!

IFTA Deadline
1st Quarter IFTA Filing starts April 1st and the deadline is April 30th. You can know exactly what you will owe with the brand new IFTA Fuel Tax Calculator App – available on App Store & Google Play. It’s free to download and you don’t have to create an account or anything, you just click on it and start entering your mileage. It’s a great way to anticipate your IFTA expenses. 
You can easily generate your IFTA return at They have made the whole process simple and have provided IFTA information for each state. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of IFTA filing, give Truck Services of North America a call and they can take care of everything for you. 
Mental Fitness
How are you doing, trucking nation? Really, are you keeping your mental game strong? After a long day’s work, it is easy to just sit back and turn on the tv, but you could be doing something to strengthen your mental focus and learn a new skill that could benefit you in a zombie apocalypse. Now I don’t actually think that would happen, but it’s interesting to think about. These suggestions might sound childish, but what’s life without whimsy. You can build a replica of your truck out of Legos, learn to sew, solve a Rubix cube, learn origami, and so much more. Think of something to do that doesn’t involve technology. I think our brains just need a break from all the gadgets. 
Thank you so much for listening and I hope you enjoyed this week’s show. Stop on by the Trucking Nation Facebook page for a visit and share some pictures of your travels. I love seeing all the places you get to go. I’m on Twitter too! Have a great weekend Trucking Nation, and remember you get what you give in this world, so try to be kind and enjoy the ride. I’ll talk to you soon – Misty Noel.

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