Trucking Nation Podcast: 11. Highway Heroes, NMTA, & Landstar

Hi friends! I’m back Trucking Nation, and I have a very special show for you this week. It’s a little different because Mr. Jason Snow, the new guy, was out of the studio so I thought it would be a good idea to keep it simple and have a little chit-chat. I’m trying some new things to get more information about Trucking Associations and Companies out to you. So without further ado, let’s start the show…

Here’s the breakdown
Goodyear To Announce 32nd Annual Highway Hero During MATS
I think all truckers are heroes in their own way but three particular truckers have shown us what it really means to be heroic. Clinton Blackburn, Mack Guffey, and David Fredericksen are the finalists for Goodyear’s Highway Hero. I adore these guys’ attitudes towards everything; they say they were just doing their job and the people they saved would think very much otherwise. Clinton Blackburn saved a police officer from being strangled by a prisoner in Kentucky. Mack Guffey saved a semi-conscious driver from a flame engulfed SUV, and David Fredericksen saved a woman with a broken leg and her grandchild from a flaming car accident in Mississippi. America’s Trucking Nation is made up of the best drivers in the world and I’m so appreciative of everything you guys do to keep our nation moving forward. You’re all heroes.

Association of the Week
National Minority Trucking Association is the very first Trucking Nation Association of the Week (insert applause). This association is an amazing resource for minority drivers who want to establish, maintain, and grow successful careers in the trucking industry. They provide educational opportunities to learn every aspect of the trucking industry including safety and compliance, freight brokering, transportation tech, surviving roadside inspections, and so much more.

Trucking Company of the Week
Landstar is the very first Trucking Nation Company of the Week! Landstar’s focus on safety and security for their drivers is unmatched in the trucking industry. They take pride in educating the public about how to drive around trucks with their No-Zone program that travels to schools, rest stops, weigh stations, and other public places. Landstar recognizes independent agents or agencies that actively support programs that improve safety with their Landstar Safety Officer Award every month.

Health & Fitness
When it hits late February, my go-getter attitude about fitness loses a little bit of momentum. As I was searching for some new inspiration, I came across an amazing story about a guy that was on his way to becoming an Olympic swimmer, and his entire life just changed. He ended becoming a trucker to fulfill his traveling spirit and noticed that a trucker’s life wasn’t too kind to his health. He took control and is now considered the fittest trucker in the industry. If you are looking for something to get that motivational fire blazing, check out this video.

Warmer weather is on its way Trucking Nation! Stay safe out there and remember you get what you give in this world, so try to be kind and enjoy the ride. I will talk to y’all soon – Misty Noel.

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