Trucker Terms

Our friends at Trucker Path shared a complete list of their favorite trucker terms! Now for rookies and pros alike sometimes it can be easy to get the jargon mixed up. The trucking community has one of the most unique communication styles out of any industry. 
Some days you may hear your fellow truckers use slang you’ve never heard of both in-person and floating over the CB, so check out this list of terms you’ll want to remember. 

Trucker Terms

Being a trucker is not only a unique way of life, but it also comes with a unique way of communicating that only those in the trucking industry probably can decipher and understand. 
10-4 – acknowledging something
10-6 – busy right now
10-8 – en route
20 – location
4-Wheeler – automobile
APU – authorized pick-up
Backhaul – retuning load to home location
Bear Trap – speed radar trap
Bill of Lading – document that details information regarding the goods being hauled by a carrier from a shipper
Chicken Coop – Weigh Station
Chicken Lights – Added lights on and around a truck
Chocks –blocks placed in front and behind wheels to prevent truck from rolling
Consignee – person who receives the goods
Consignor – person who ships the goods
County Mounty – – county sheriff
Deadhead – miles driven with no load
Dry Van –standard enclosed truck trailer
ETA – estimated time of arrival
Freightshaker – Freightliner truck
GCW (Gross Combined Weight) – combined weight of tractor/trailer and load
Gear Jammer –speeding driver
Hammer Down – drive faster
Hopper – truck that empties load through bottom that opens
HOS –hours of service
Intermodal – shipping container freight
Jack-Knife –when the trailer is pushed to the side of the tractor
K-whopper – Kenworth truck
Kingpin – pin where the axle wheel pivots
LTL (Less Than Truckload) – load less than 10,000 lbs.
Motor Carrier – person or company that is responsible for transporting goods via a commercial motor vehicle
P&D Driver – pickup and delivery driver locally
Payload – weight of the load
Peddle Run – route with lots of deliveries
Pete – Peterbilt truck
RC (Rate Confirmation) – the rate shipper or broker agrees to pay carrier to haul a load
Reefer – refrigerated truck trailer
Shiny Side Up – top of the truck; don’t crash or rollover
Sliding Fifth Wheel – fifth wheel that can be slid back to redistribute weight on the axels
Trucking Authority –FMCSA approval to haul loads
Willy Weaver – drunk driver
We thank our friends at Trucker Path for sharing this guest blog today. Hopefully, you learned a few new terms to use on the road. If you have any trucking terms to add please mention them in the comment section below and visit for more trucking blogs. 

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