Essential Safety Tips For Winter Trucking

Let me be the first one to say that winter is closer than it appears. Even though it is only the first week of October, now is the time to get yourself and your vehicle up to speed for the upcoming season. Here is everything you need to know about driving in the snow. Be sure to share this blog with your fellow drivers to make sure you are all on the same speed!

Driving a tractor-trailer comes, of course, with its own set of risks and rewards, but severe winter conditions demand a particular set of skills and preparation. Too often consequences befall drivers will fail to alter their driving habits when the seasons change. Staying aware is essential to safety while in poor weather conditions.

Winter Trucking Safety Tips

Winter is coming!! And yes, you will need more than chains to get you though. 

#1 Slow Down

Most winter accidents are caused by driving too fast under the conditions. While the speed limit might be set at 75, it doesn’t mean you should be encouraging going that fast on snow-covered roads. Please slow down and take the time you need to get to your destination safe and sound.

#2 Follow At A Safe Distance

Leave plenty of room between your rig and those around you. While you might be a safe driver, it is easy to get swept into a collision because of the guy next to or beside you. Take it easy and be careful changing lanes to pass vehicles.

#3 Stay Off The Shoulder

While you might think this is a safe location, it can be hazardous especially in low visibility situations. In blinding snow, another truck might mistake you for being on the road and slam on their breaks. This would likely cause them to slide or slam into the back of your trailer.

#4 Lay Off The Jake Brake

While some driver might prefer to use their jake brake in various weather conditions, we don’t recommend this on icy roads. Avoid engaging the foot brake as much as possible unless your truck and trailer are straight on the road. If you brake while the truck isn’t straight, your trailer could slide and spin out your unit. Your vehicle will slow down while your trailer will not.

#5 Use Your Better Judgement

If you feel the situation is a danger to you or other drivers, get off the road until the weather has passed. Find a safe place off the road and get there safely. We know that is what your family would want you to do in a dangerous situation. Your job is not worth your life.

If your rig ends up in a ditch somewhere, you will find yourself quite alone. Sorry to say there will be very few people who will step up and say they had insisted on the delivery time.

Be safe out there!

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