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You know who is on the move a lot? You are, obviously, as a member of the transportation industry. So, what do you do when you’re out on the road when it comes to tracking income, expenses, and more? Do you scribble everything in a notebook or just hope to remember how much fuel you got?

Well, there is a much easier way to stay connected to your drivers, record your finances, and more, with the TruckLogics mobile app. Simply download it to your smartphone or tablet to get started, then your business will be as mobile as you are.

TruckLogics is your complete trucking management solution, designed for fleet owners, owner-operators, managers, and more to take control of their businesses. With TruckLogics you will have access to time-saving features to make your dispatching, accounting, settlements, and more much easier. Plus, you’ll get the TruckLogics app! Check out our list of reasons why you should be using it.

Why You Should Be Using The TruckLogics App

1. Stay Connected To Your Dispatches

With the TruckLogics app, you will be able to access your dispatch information from any location at any time. You and your drivers will be able to view the pickup and drop off locations, dispatch instructions, and assigned equipment right from your phones. You and your drivers can also make your check calls in just a few taps to update dispatch on your progress and locations.

2. Track Your Expenses

Every Time you fuel up or make a business-related expense for the road you can take a photo of your receipt and instantly upload it to your TruckLogics account. This way you will always stay on top of your finances. Your drivers can capture their fuel expenses and upload them to your account too.

3. Instantly Send Documents

Need to get an important document to someone when you’re out on a trip? Then use the TruckLogics app to capture a photo of the document, upload it to the app, and instantly send it out via email. This makes it incredibly easy to get your Bill of Laden and proof of delivery sent wherever it needs to go from any location.

4. Update E Logs

Drivers can instantly update their driver logs at any time with the TruckLogics app. With auto location, you can instantly create a driver log graph, plus you can forget about the hassle of carrying paper logs everywhere you go. Updating your hours of service has never been this quick and convenient.

5. View Driver Settlements

You and your drivers can view driver settlements at any time to keep detailed records. You can see who you paid, how much, how you paid them, and more at any time. Details such as hauling charges, fuel surcharges, accessorial fees, reimbursements, and advanced pay will be clearly listed for you and your driver to see.

6. Improve Communication With Mobile Chat

Connect with your fleet to discuss location and share files through the TruckLogics app by instant messaging with each other. You can broadcast a message to all of your contacts in the app, or message your drivers on an individual basis. You can also share files like videos, trip docs, and images with each other.

Get The TruckLogics App Today!

Sign up for your free 15-day trial with TruckLogics right now to instantly receive access to the TruckLogics app! Once you see how much time you save with the ability to manage your business on the go you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.

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