Top 5 Apps Truckers Need For Safe Parking While On The Road

Finding safe parking has become more and more difficult for truckers worldwide.

Luckily, several major truck stop chains have created a parking app with “parking near me” features that allow drivers to conveniently find parking in safe locations at any time.

Safe Parking While On The Road

Take a quick break and check out these top 5 apps truckers need for safe parking while on the road.

DAT Trucker App

DAT Trucker features both its load board functionality along with special features for parking information based on your current location.

Easily find upcoming truck stops and the number of available parking spaces right at your fingertips with the DAT Trucker App.

Park My Truck

The National Association of Truck Stop’s “Park My Truck” initiative allows truckers to view nearby parking locations within a 50 to 250-mile radius.

The parking app will also show you the number of spaces available and is updated by the truck stop operators or parking location.

Road Breakers

Have you ever needed to find parking but had no cell service in the area you’ve stopped in? Well, worry no more. The Road Breakers app will store parking data to your phone where service is available so you can locate safe parking in areas with no cell service.


This app lets you put in your destination of the day and provides you with an outlook of what to expect in the area that you are traveling to. This information is catered specifically to drivers by other drivers that also use the app.

Other information including parking, fuel locations, and weight station details are included also.

Trucker Path

The Trucker Path app using crowdsourcing to provide its users with the information they need, meaning that all info is provided by drivers that use the Trucker Path app.

After selecting a location, truckers will see updates on parking availability categorized as “lot is full,” “some spots,” and “lots of spots.”

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