What is the Truck Stop Truckers Dream About?

Have you ever pulled into a truck stop and instantly regretted it? Either because the lanes were too small, the parking too scarce, or the amenities too unusable (or the less-than-competent drivers taking hours to back into a spot).

But you couldn’t back your truck and trailer up because of the nightmarish line of trucks behind you.

And we know this happens more often than not, doesn’t it?

So we asked around and came up with qualifications that would make a truck stop of truckers’ dreams – hopefully the next truck stop engineer will take a look.

The Parking Lot

The biggest, the biggest, issue at truck stops is the lack of parking.

A truck stop can have the nicest amenities and paved parking lot out there, but if it doesn’t have enough spaces to accommodate truckers, truckers won’t find the stop very useful.

Another big problem is the design of the parking lot.

The dream truck stop would have parking spaces a good distance away from the fuel islands (and enough for a lot of trucks to use). Parking spaces that are too close to the fuel islands cause congestion for the trucks backing into a spot and those waiting to get fuel.

You work on a tight deadline, so if you stops a truck stop only to get fuel, you don’t want to waste 20 minutes waiting for someone to back their truck into a spot.

And make sure the entrances and exits are always clear for truckers coming and going.

Take a look at this Love’s Truck Stop in Richmond Hill, GA for an example of a good parking lot design.

Plenty of parking on the left side, no congestion on the fuel islands, and plenty of entrances and exits.

Way to go, Love’s!

Good Security

Every trucker will tell you, the truck stops that have plenty of lighting and a security guard are usually in their top places to stop.

No one wants to have to worry about something happening on the way to get dinner, or when they’re getting ready to call it a night.

The dream truck stop would have cameras, lights, and a security guard to help truckers feel more comfortable.

And if you’re tired of sleeping in your truck, check out this truck stop in Jubitz-Portland, Oregon, where you can enjoy sleeping in a hotel, a 24-hour restaurant, and a movie theater.


A truck stop is a trucker’s home away from home, so truckers appreciate the ones that really make it feel that way.

The dream truck would have nice showers, a restaurant that sold a variety of food types (truckers do get tired of eating the same thing over and over again), and a laundry mat.

Laundry? Yep! The dream truck stop would have a place that truckers could do laundry. Most drivers are out on the road for several days at a time, so having the option to wash a shirt comes in handy.

If you happen to be passing through Morris, Illinois, be sure to stop by the Morris Travel Center. They have excellent customer service and sell homemade pastries, bakery items, and the four-pound masterpiece of a burger known as the Ethyl Burger.

Check out the Ethly challenge that accompanies this burger!

General Cleanliness

Truckers? Clean?

Believe it or not, truckers do enjoy a nice shower, a clean place to eat, and a nice outside area.

The dream truck stop would include good showers for truckers (with plenty of hot water), a lot of trash cans to stop trash from floating around, and clean fuel islands.

Most truck stop attendants wouldn’t think it, but if fuel islands aren’t regularly scrubbed and washed, the pavement gets slick, smelly, and gross from the amount of spilled fuel.

And speaking about exquisite bathrooms, check out the Sapp Bros in Sidney, Nebraska. This truck stop have granite countertops and are always clean. If something isn’t clean or up to standard, all you have to do is push a button and an attendant will be there immediately to fix the problem.

And finally…

The final thing that the dream truck stop needs it to be in the middle of nowhere off a major highway.

Truckers don’t have time to fight traffic just to get to a fuel station or turn in for the night.

One trucker on Reddit explains it like this, “With electronic logs, my ‘wasted time’ clock starts the second I put the blinker on to exit until the time I get back on the highway. Think of it like a NASCAR pit stop. The faster it is, the better off I am.”
Passing through Walcott, Iowa? Then you have to stop at the largest truck stop in the world. Perfect for the hundreds of truckers who stop through and want to continue on their way.

Alright truckers, whose with me? Who wishes more truck stops were like this? 

Let us know in the comment section or share with us on our Facebook page, any request you have for your dream truck stop!

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