The Competitive Edge | Presenting a Professional Business

Ever judge someone by the way they look, drive a truck, secure a load, or park? Happens every day, but have you ever thought about how customers judge your business? Just blew your mind, right? Presenting and maintaining a professional business is absolutely necessary for gaining a competitive edge on the competition. With TruckLogics, maintaining a high business standard is effortless. Let’s see how it all works!

Good Vs. Bad Business Practices

Not many driving schools are going to teach you how to run a trucking business, so the TruckLogics Crew has stepped up to share our knowledge and breakdown the business side of trucking. There are both good and bad business practices, and what really separates the two is time management. Not getting things done on time doesn’t present your business in the best light. TruckLogics has a lot of features to take over time management for you, so you can focus on more important things. Automatic reminders might not be a feature you think can change your world, but when you have 20 open invoices, tax deadlines, 8 new dispatches, 3 state permits, tags about to expire, and scheduled maintenance that must be done before the year ends, you will be so happy TruckLogics notified you of each and every one.

Make Your Business Memorable

Your customers might deal with a lot of different businesses so making your business memorable is very important. Getting the load delivered and the invoice sent on time is a good start, but you can do more. Customizing documents you send to customers is a great marketing technique. TruckLogics allows you to customize documents with your business logo and an additional option to include a note or memo. You can also set custom terms and conditions for loads and/or customers (especially if they are known for paying late or canceling loads).

What Adding Your Logo to Documents Does for Your Business

  • People naturally want to connect an image with a name. Having your company logo on your documents allows people to make a connection and remember more about you. The more familiar you become to your customers, the more repeat business you will gain. 

Customizing Your Invoices with a Note or Memo

  • When it comes to going the extra mile, you can always leave a positive message on your invoices for your customers. The trucking industry isn’t full of as much appreciation as it should be, so a simple message could make someone’s day and create a positive relationship. It’s a little thing that really sets you apart from everyone else.

Setting Terms & Conditions

  • Customers don’t always do what they say they are going to do. No surprise there, but are you protected when loads fall through or customers pay late? Setting custom terms and conditions for your loads and invoices is going to protect you from taking a complete loss on a cancelled load and encourage your customers to pay on time. Think of terms and conditions as a professional courtesy to your clients letting them know you are serious about your business.

Gain the Competitive Edge with TruckLogics

TruckLogics does more than just present a professional business to your customers. Imagine being able to click a button and knowing your revenue per mile, or generating an IFTA return in seconds. With TruckLogics on your side, the competition doesn’t stand a chance.

Let’s Talk

The TruckLogics Crew is a talented bunch that not only creates knowledgeable blogs but can also answer any questions you have. We even have the power to hook you up with a personal demo of the program and make sure you get the full benefits of your free trial. Contact us today at our Rock Hill, SC headquarters via phone: 704-234-6946 or email: [email protected].

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