Can The TESLA Semi Save You Money?

Trucking is expensive. The bills for trucking companies include fuel, lodging expenses, office rent, software, hardware, insurance for vehicles and people, and much more. That’s why new ways to help trucking businesses save money come out every day.

Whether it’s on how to save fuel to increase your rate per mile or how to cut costs in the office, saving every penny helps. Now with the release of the fully electric Telsa Semi, the industry is considering switching to fully battery-powered vehicles to save.

Will The Tesla Semi Save Your Trucking Business Money?

Now we know that when the word Tesla is used dollar signs appear because their luxury cars are quite pricey, however, their new class 8 tractor that’s fully electric is not designed to be that way. It’s actually designed to be cost-effective and is projected to run 20% cheaper per mile than diesel trucks.

The base price for the Tesla Semi ranges from $150,000 to $180,000. That’s a bit more expensive than the average price of a new semi, which is between $80,000 to over $150,000. But the Tesla savings could make up for it in the long run.

For example, you don’t need to purchase fuel. Instead, you will simply charge the Tesla, which is supposed to be a fast and easy process. One 30 minute charge is supposed to give you 400 miles and it has a 500-mile range at a full charge. You can charge it while parked at a truck stop or while parked at a loading dock.

500 miles may seem short, but the Telsa Semi is designed for local trucking and the average distance for a day trip is 250 miles. Therefore, one charge should give you more than enough power to get where you need to and back.

Plus, the Telsa is designed like a bullet with an extremely aerodynamic design to save power. It’s powered by a battery that’s under the floor and propelled by four electric motors. It also has regenerative braking to recharge the battery a little every time you come to a stop.

The Tesla Semi is also incredibly smart and safe. You sit in the center of the cab, giving you more visibility. The autopilot features can provide automatic braking in the event of an emergency and also contact emergency personnel.

By having an independent motor over each wheel, the torch can automatically be adjusted to prevent jackknifing. Savings could be found in keeping the driver and vehicle safe. Also, there’s no transmission to work on, engine, or brake pads that need changing, so the maintenance costs are lower. It’s even guaranteed for a million miles.

This truck also gets stuff done. Don’t let the word electric make you think the Tesla Semi can’t keep up because with a weight of 80,000 pounds it can accelerate to 60 mph in about 20 seconds. It can also maintain a speed of 65 mph while climbing a 5% grade when diesel trucks can only maintain 45 mph. That means in mountainous terrain you will be earning 50% more per mile than in a diesel truck.

What Do You Think About The Tesla Semi?

It appears as if the Tesla Semi has a bit more of an upfront cost, but will provide major savings in the long run. However, they won’t be going into production until 2019. You can order one now to receive it in two years.

Do you think you will be switching to the fully automatic truck in 2019 or can nothing replace the muscle and smell of diesel in the morning that comes with the trucks we know and love today?

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