Business Management Breakdown: Zen and the Art of Expense Tracking

Paying expenses isn’t necessarily the best way to reduce stress. Just thinking about money leaving your bank account probably causes your heart to start racing and a touch of anxiety hits you. Take a deep breath, find a happy place in your mind, and stay calm. We are going to introduce a little Zen into your business management in the form of TruckLogics’ Expense Tracking feature.


Expenses are a part of business; that you accept. It’s the you-gotta-be-kidding-me expenses that can send your stress levels through the roof. Emergency expenses are going to happen because that is the nature of the job. By creating an emergency fund, your ability to stay calm will greatly increase and keep your mind clear for the next lesson.


Knowing why you need to meticulously track your expenses will unblock any reasoning that keeps you from doing it. Ask yourself this question – why do I need to meticulously track my expenses? The answer is not complicated or deserving of a long explanation. It is simple. You track your expenses to properly manage your business. Ask yourself another question – what were my expenses for last month? The answer is simple, but the method to obtaining that answer may not be.

TruckLogics will quickly generate an expense report for any date range you need, or for any truck. Each expense will be listed, and you can see exactly where your money is going. You now know the complicated idea of expense tracking is actually a simple task with TruckLogics. Having control over your expenses is the next and final lesson.


You don’t have control over many things in this world. That is an acceptance we all must face, but you can control your business. Control must be applied to all your expenses. You can achieve this by tracking, scheduling, and reviewing your expenses. TruckLogics provides the means to do all three and more. Reviewing your expenses will be of extreme value to you when maintaining control of your business. You can see what expenses are unnecessary, essential, emergency, and so on.

At tax time, your mastery skills of tracking your expenses will allow you to find peace in tax filing. Almost all expenses are tax-deductible as an owner-operator and because you maintained control over your expenses, your tax bill will be greatly reduced. The level of control TruckLogics will provide you for your expenses will transcend to your entire business.

Find Zen in Business Management

TruckLogics isn’t just a program to help you manage your business. It is freedom from spreadsheets, piles of receipts, and the last-minute cram to calculate everything when an emergency happens. Calm can be found in TruckLogics, and the Expense Tracking feature will maintain Zen in your business management.

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