How To Make Free VIN Corrections On Form 2290

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Sometimes a lot of people make the same mistake. We know this because the number one mistake made on Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 is entering VINs incorrectly.

Now if you enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) incorrectly then your stamped Schedule 1 will have the incorrect VIN and you will have to explain why to the DMV, which could result in time-consuming stress and headaches. Or your form could be rejected altogether, so if you make a VIN error learn how to quickly correct it for free.

How To Make A VIN Correction

If you want to avoid making a VIN correction then take your time while entering it. VINs are made up of 17 characters that include both letters and numbers, so no wonder they’re easy to mess up. After you enter it be sure to double or maybe even triple check it to make sure that it’s correct. Also, remember that the letters ‘I’, ‘O’, and ‘Q’ will not be in your VIN, so those are actually ‘1’ and ‘0’.

The first rule of VIN corrections is not to panic. If you filed with ExpressTruckTax you can quickly and easily make a VIN correction for free, so you can get your stamped Schedule 1 corrected or retransmit your form to the IRS. If you filed with another provider you can file a VIN correction for a small fee.

To get started with your VIN correction log in to your ExpressTruckTax account and choose ‘Start New Return’ then click ‘Form 2290 Amendments’ after that you will click ‘Form 2290 VIN Correction’.

Then it’s smooth sailing from there because all you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step guide to complete your VIN correction and receive your corrected stamped Schedule 1 within minutes via email. This will save your tail at the DMV and help you get your corrected 2290 form retransmitted to the IRS by the August 31st deadline.

Other amendments you can make with ExpressTruckTax include if the weight of your vehicle increased during the tax period and if your suspended vehicles exceeded the mileage limit during the tax period.

Remember a suspended vehicle is one that does not exceed 5,000 miles (7,500 for agricultural vehicles) during the tax period. If you exceed that mileage limit then you need to amend your Form 2290.

How to File Form 2290 

When you’re ready to file, and you should be because time is running out, head to ExpressTruckTax to file your form instantly. Just follow the e-filing guide to complete your form in a matter of minutes. Then you’ll receive a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 via email within about 15 minutes.

Don’t have a computer? No problem. Use the ExpressTruckTax App on your smartphone or tablet to file from any location at any time. This means that you can handle all of your 2290 needs from the comfort of your own cab.

You could also have a representative file for you over the phone by calling TSNAmerica at 803.386.0320. With one quick call, you can have your Form 2290 filed and you’ll get a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 via email. What could be easier?

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