Half The Year Is Up: Are Your Records In Place?

Summer is rolling on through and tax season was way back in April, so a lot of people are just trucking on, worry-free. However, especially as a fleet manager, it’s good to keep up with your records all year, because if you wait until the last minute and all of your files are unorganized you could miss important deadlines, like the 31st IFTA deadline for example.

Get your dispatch records, tax records, financial records, and more organized and under control with TruckLogics.

TruckLogics is the complete trucking management program, meaning you can use it to manage your entire operation with one account. You can also use the TruckLogics app to manage your business from any location from your everyday devices, making it incredibly easy to maintain your records no matter what. TruckLogics also serves as one convenient location for all of your information.

Get Your Records In Order


Because the IFTA deadline is so close we will begin with how easy TruckLogics makes it to complete your quarterly return by tracking all of your IFTA calculations for you. TruckLogics tracks your finances and trip sheets to add all of your IFTA totals to a quarterly report that lists all of the calculations you need per jurisdiction to complete your return. You can easily update your IFTA reports at any time and they can be printed, emailed, and used to quickly complete your return.

Financial Records

Use TruckLogics to instantly add your expenses, create invoices, record your income, and more. As a result, all of your finances will be tracked and can be used to generate financial reports and to calculate totals for your tax returns.

For example, the year-end tax report tracks all of your expenses and income for the year and a report of your financials total will be generated to match up with your Schedule C. Plus, every time you create a custom expense you’ll be asked to add it to the correct tax category to be correctly factored into your year-end tax report. Payments made to drivers and contractors are also recorded for 1099 purposes.

The profit and loss report will show you your business’s profits and losses on a monthly, yearly, quarterly, or custom date range. The report clearly displays your total income, expenses, and revenue. You’ll also see your cost per mile, revenue per mile, and profit per mile.

Unit Records

TruckLogics also helps you keep track and record all of the necessary details for your equipment. The truck report will give you detailed records about the miles ran, expenses, fuel purchases, and RPM for any time period for each of your vehicles.

Also, the maintenance report provides a list of completed maintenances and will even remind you about upcoming maintenance tasks. The unit insurance expiry report and unit license expiry report lists the expiration dates for the insurance plans and licenses for all of your equipment. This way routine maintenance and the renewal of your insurance and licenses will never slip your mind.

Try TruckLogics Now

TruckLogics is your complete business management solution! Start your free 15-day trial now to see how easy it is to keep track of all of your records for taxes, maintenance, and more! If you have any questions about TruckLogics please don’t hesitate to call the outstanding support team Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6946. We’re also available via live chat and offer 24/7 email support at [email protected].

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