The Third Quarter IFTA Deadline is Today, October 31st!

Are you required to file an IFTA report for your vehicle(s)? Have you started creating your IFTA report for the third quarter yet? If not, you’re running out of time!

Today is the last day to create your third quarter IFTA report and file it with your base jurisdiction to avoid late filing penalties. The amount you’ll be fined depends on your base jurisdiction, but typically the penalty for late IFTA filing is either $50 or 10% of the total tax due, whichever is the greater of the two. 

In order to avoid these late penalties, it’s important to generate your IFTA report and get it filed before the deadline. Find out below how TruckLogics can make your IFTA reporting experience fast and easy. 

Convenient IFTA Data Upload Methods

Bulk Upload Via Excel Template

If you have all of your IFTA fuel and mileage data already entered into an Excel document, you don’t have to worry about entering it all again. Simply copy your IFTA data and paste it into the TruckLogics IFTA Excel template. Here you can choose to calculate mileage by odometer readings or by distance. Once you have all of the information entered you will simply upload the Excel template with all of your data into TruckLogics

Import Using ELD’s or Dispatches

If you use Motive or Samsara ELDs in your vehicles, you can connect an existing account to TruckLogics and use that to import the miles traveled and fuel purchased in each jurisdiction traveled through. This method is effortless for clients who already have one of these accounts.

You can also import our mileage and fuel info from your TruckLogics dispatches! Why do things more than once when you’ve already got all the information you need recorded in your account?

Quick Entry

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and just enter all of your data manually, you can do that too. Simply enter your vehicles and then the fuel and mileage data for each. TruckLogics makes this process easy and straightforward, and your IFTA report will be generated based directly on the data entered. What’s even more convenient is that you can use quick entry to enter data throughout the quarter so that once reporting time rolls around, all you have to do is click “Continue” to begin generating your IFTA report. 

Accurate Calculations

Updated IFTA Rates

In order to ensure that your IFTA report is accurate, TruckLogics keeps track of changing IFTA tax rates in all jurisdictions that participate in IFTA, including split rates. This way, all of your calculations are up to date and include the correct tax amounts automatically.

IFTA Calculation

Using these tax rates alongside the data that you have entered, TruckLogics will do all of the calculations for you so that you don’t have to crunch any numbers yourself. TruckLogics also offers data conversion options for metric units. On top of that, we’ll calculate late fees if applicable, depending on which quarter you’re reporting for and when you’re reporting (this won’t be an issue if you file before the end of today!!!)

Check for Accuracy

Adjacency Check

While you’re entering your IFTA data, TruckLogics will automatically conduct an adjacency check to make sure the states in your IFTA report are adjacent to one another. You can turn this off at any time. 

Audit Check

The audit check is conveniently designed to flag fields that have no information entered or values of zero. This ensures that you don’t forget to fill out any parts of the IFTA report when generating it. Intentionally entering 0 mileage or fuel data is still possible, and reporting for no operation is an option. We just want to make sure you’re doing it on purpose!

Use TruckLogics to Generate your Third Quarter IFTA Report in Time to Make Today’s Deadline

Once your report is complete with all of the IFTA data for your vehicle(s), your report will be generated in a format specific to your state. You can then print out the report and file it with your base jurisdiction or e-file the PDF depending on your preference and the regulations of your jurisdiction. 

What are you waiting for? Don’t risk getting fined for reporting your IFTA after the deadline. Generate your third quarter IFTA report with TruckLogics for a simple filing experience that will take the stress out of IFTA reporting!

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