Enhance Your Business With Fleet Management Software

How do you manage it all as an owner-operator or fleet owner? Pen and paper is a thing of the past for good reason because papers get lost and often times you have to trust your own memory to keep up with the dates of important meetings, bills, tax deadlines, and more. Plus, if your drivers write their logs, it can be pretty hectic to try and read their handwriting.

Simply the process of managing your entire business and never miss an important date again by taking things online with a trucking management software, like TruckLogics.


TruckLogics is the ultimate trucking management software that’s specifically designed to help you save time while easily managing your entire trucking business, even when you’re out on the road.

By being 100% mobile you can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to check in on your business at any time, from any location. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a rest stop, stuck in traffic, or sitting in your favorite chair at home, you’ll always be able to log on to your account and check in on things with TruckLogics Innovative features.

Note: We do not support distracted driving. Please do not use the TruckLogics app unless you’re safely parked.

Truck Logic’s Innovative Features

We’ve compiled a list of TruckLogics top features that will make your life easier when it comes to managing your business. Once you try them you’ll wonder how you ever managed your fleet without them.

TruckLogics offers dispatch management to help you quickly set up trips for yourself and your drivers. You can easily enter pick-up and drop-off locations for each client to save time while creating loads, and enter specific notes about these locations if your driver needs them.

You can also assign the equipment to each load to help you keep up with maintenance schedules. As the drivers you assigned to dispatch are en route, you can track their progress to update clients about their time and location.

Best of all you can capture and send your BOL and proof of delivery to make your daily check-in easier.

The Invoice & Billing feature helps you keep track of all of your bills and payments. In a matter of seconds, you can create a professional-looking customized invoice to send to your clients. You can add and edit the invoice details such as the load, rates, and more.

These invoices can be downloaded, printed and emailed so that you can easily share them with your clients at any time. With our invoice reminders, you’ll never forget about payment because it will alert you when an invoice is coming up, due, or past due.

Once you receive a payment you can post it to TruckLogics and record it as full or partial payment. You can also select the payment method used and add any notes if needed. Payments can even be posted towards multiple invoices for frequent clients.

With TruckLogics you get free access to ProMiles which helps you get the best fuel optimization possible. ProMiles allows you to plan out your route based on the best fuel efficiency or the fastest way possible to help you either save fuel or get somewhere on time.

You can also use ProMiles to look at all the fuel prices in the area so you’ll know where the best place to stop is along your route. This will help you decide if you need to partially fill your tank at one location in order to fill up somewhere else with cheaper fuel later.

ProMiles also helps out with your IFTA calculations to help you keep track of your miles per jurisdiction, fuel purchased per jurisdiction, fuel used per jurisdiction, and fuel tax per jurisdiction. This will make calculating your IFTA total a breeze.

Try TruckLogics Today

We only mentioned a few of the amazing features that TruckLogics has to offer. Other features include Quickbooks integration, electronic driver logs, IFTA calculation tools, driver settlements, and more. Sign up for your free 15-day trial to test out the features for yourself. Once you see how easy it can be to manage your trucking business from any location you’ll be hooked.

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