Direct Routes and Fuel Optimization All With ProMiles

We know that owner-operators and fleet managers are already planners. You plan when and where to take routes, for your monthly expenses, and which carriers to work with. However, what about when you’re on the open road?

Do you plan the best place to get fuel? Do you make sure your route is free of roads closed due to construction or bridges with low clearances? TruckLogics can help you optimize fuel usage, show you the quickest routes without turnarounds, and help you track IFTA expenses so you can plan the best routes without any unknowns.


TruckLogics is the business management solution for owner-operators and independent truckers. It’s designed specifically for truckers to help them save time while managing their entire operation. It has innovative features for dispatch management, reporting IFTA, driver logs, route optimization to save fuel, and more.

Plus, TruckLogics is 100% mobile, with an app available for smartphones and tablets. This way drivers can update their logs and you can check in on your business from any location, at any time.

Route Planning and Fuel Optimization With ProMiles

After creating your TruckLogics account you can use ProMiles to quickly and efficiently plan the best routes for you and your drivers. ProMiles instantly finds the best route based on your beginning and ending location with the help of google maps.

However, instead of just finding the fastest route available, ProMiles helps you avoid issues like bridges you can’t clear, and closed roads due to construction. This way you’ll save time by avoiding something that will make you have to turn around and backtrack until you can find a way to get around the low bridge or construction, saving you time and fuel.

Speaking of fuel, it’s some expensive stuff, right? Unfortunately, we need it to keep on trucking, but with ProMiles, you can save a lot of money with fuel optimization. At any point during your route you can see how much fuel you have, the price of fuel in your area, and the best place to stop and get fuel.

This means that instead of scratching the back of your neck and wondering if you should stop and get fuel at the upcoming truck stop or wait to see if one comes along with better gas prices is a thing of the past. You’ll know exactly where to stop for the cheapest gas.

Plus, you’ll be notified if you should only purchase a little bit of gas at one stop in order to save money by filling up with cheaper fuel at another stop further down your route. Before you know it you’ll have a lot of money saved that can be used on other aspects of your business instead of fuel.

Record Keeping With ProMiles

We all know that sometimes truckers don’t have the best patience for paperwork, heck some guys don’t even have legible handwriting. ProMiles takes the headaches out of trying to read handwriting and having to correct information to fill out electronic trip logs.

The trip logs clearly show which fields need to be filled out and with a single click truckers can import their information. This saves time, prevents mistakes, and prevents hassle. Now instead of keeping up with files in the cab, drivers can simply update trip logs right from their smartphones.

Also, ProMiles has been integrated with IFTA to accurately track all of your miles, taking the headache away from keeping up with multiple things for your quarterly reports. You’ll instantly have access to how much fuel you got, the type of fuel, the miles you drove, and more for your state mileage taxes, quarterly reports, and truck-specific reports.

Say goodbye to hunting down receipts and carefully keeping up with your records because it will all be there for you in one convenient location, with ProMiles.

What Are You Waiting For?

You can instantly get started with a free 15-day trial with TruckLogics today! Simply spend a few minutes creating your account and instantly gain access to TruckLogics intuitive time-saving features for invoicing and billing, business reports, finding the best route, fuel optimization, and more.

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